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  • thebostonangler thebostonangler Jan 4, 2013 8:38 AM Flag

    Amick is out

    Okay, after years of riding this company up and down (mostly down) I had hope that Amick and his experience would be the light to lead the way for this floundering mess of a company that Cappy left to die. Now I see where Amick is out, Cooper is in an even larger role and as Dutch so eloquently stated, the "Dilution Kettle" is coming.... I have to admit, even though I know this is a wonderful drug and will save the smallest and weakest amongst us... I just don't know how much more of this I can take. So when is next shoe going to drop... When will the flood gates open.... When will the share count rise like a phoenix out of the ashes... See what I mean, it's all doom and gloom with DSCO... Geeez, what a way to start a Friday....


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    • Holy s***. Amick out. I never thought I'd say that happen. Now, just maybe there might be hope.

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      • Amick gets good scores for getting surfaxin approved. In terms of commercialization of the product he gets an F. They have executed poorly since May. This is all good news--my biggest issue is that the company will probably be sold at 15 per share when it is actually worth 45 when considering its potential. Good luck longs--although we liked Amick--he is a has been. Esteve has done nothing for years. Everyone is resistant to change--change is good--

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    • it is good Amick is out, a new chapter for this company and its share holders.
      I do not care, this is the only company I know of without debt but two approved drugs plus a promising piepline. THe problem is with the management and the Wall Street does not like Mr. Amick obviously.

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      • You must be relatively new to this stock. Cappy was the guy who couldn't get a gall stone passed never mind this promising drug. Amick came in and got this through the FDA in his first try. He knew the system and the players.Ol' Coop is a Cappy boy and has made his living off the shareholders and now he is large and in charge... This is truely cause for concern. Trust me, your lack of concern over dilution will be a very expensive lesson in your investing education. If you check the history of this stock you will see a pattern and it ain't pretty....


      • Joseph M. Mahady, age 59, has joined the Company's board of directors. Mr. Mahady brings to Discovery Labs extensive strategic and operational experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. Mr. Mahady had a 30-year career with Wyeth Corporation where, until its acquisition by Pfizer Inc., he served as President – Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, responsible for directing worldwide operations for the company's $20 billion global pharmaceutical business. Mr. Mahady has broad international commercial experience, including a direct leadership role in more than 30 product launches, and a successful record of developing profitable businesses based on transformational technologies.

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