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  • dutchboyprint dutchboyprint Jan 31, 2013 8:33 AM Flag

    Checking in...

    Checking in this morning to see if there are any filings or any news.
    Doesn't seem to be any.

    So now it's just a case of observing whether it continues the slide or stabilizes around here this morning. If it continues the slide along the same slope, I thin k it will go sub $2 rather quickly. If it stabilizes sometime before noon, this MIGHT be an entry point for a quick 5 to 10 cent profit. Not over the weekend though.... too much risk.

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    • Another observation... people #$%$ and moan about day traders and stocks like DSCO. I was not a day trader in DSCO, I was an investor before. But companies like DSCO force shareholders to become traders because of their very actions... and inactions.

      How much more willingly would people "invest" in DSCO if a PR had come out by the middle of January informing the shareholders of any changes to be made in the direction of the company?
      What if they had said,

      "we are planning to continue the launch of Surfaxin on our own but still welcome partnerships for the rest of our pipeline"


      "This company will increase it's efforts to obtain non-dilutive investments for all our drug products"

      Most of the fog would be gone, and people would buy or sell knowing what they were getting into.
      DSCO's "new" BOD has chosen the silent treatment and so "investors" are wary and people are forced to make only short term trades or walk away. Otherwise you have no rational basis for assessing DSCO's investment po0tential.