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  • pinski1959 pinski1959 Feb 7, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

    Paul Capital Equity Firm???

    There is still something shady about putting John Leone on the BOD's. It doesn't look like after being on board for as long as he has that much has changed???? Other than the volume per day going right down the sh-tter!!!

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    • Leone went on the Board in mid November.
      By the end of December Amick was gone.
      I would have to say that Leone's arrival has had some effect. It doesn't sound like he wasted much time initiating changes. I say "he" because DSCO's BOD has had years and years to make such moves and instead just sat on their hands and nodded their heads. Nothing seemed to happen until he arrived... so I credit him.

      That is the one saving potential here. The wholesale change of the guard in the directors. It remains to be seen if the new good ol' boys are like the old good ol' boys.... and the longer the wait the more likely it is... but they could still come through will some new ideas beyond playing "tax and spend" with the shareholders. Still waiting, not so patiently, but still waiting for a press release.

      I had figured 6 weeks would be enough time for the dust to settle and inform the shareholders what was going on. But others here, who post reasonably and not resort to namecalling, apparently believe a longer period should be allowed... okay... how long? The answer must be sometime between now and the end of March when DSCO has to file the 10K.

    • Wow, They didn't like that comment!! Down we go!!!

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      • Well at least they have changed the names on the chairs. And we have Hoy and Magee as VPs for Manufacturing and Quality Operations Surprise; they are both ex J&J. (Why can't J&J execs just retire after 20 years). CMC issues, plastic nozzles in the warehouse and 40 sales reps filling the parking lot...should be some story to tell. I am guessing dilution this month followed by happy talk featuring John, Tom and Rusty. I keep hoping to see an update of institutional holdings.

    • U've got BALLS of stone or r just simply ARROGANT. The words "something shady" flowing from your lips to describe anything other than your misguided attempts to sway investors is nothing short of hilarious. I, for one, must thank all of you for your BS distractions. Go Post that on your BIG BOARD...

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • My take is that instead of trading on the value of surfaxin in the market place traders are waiting to see what John is going to do. Whispers are he is shopping dsco around.