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  • dutchboyprint dutchboyprint Feb 12, 2013 7:20 PM Flag

    Billion Dollar Drug?

    The drugs potential is and has been shrinking.

    Go to the surfaxin website... you get there by clicking on the surfaxin box on their main page... then click on the surfaxin vial on the right to open the pdf of the prescribing instructions. Read section 5.3 and it will explain why DSCO is only discussing Surfaxin as it relates to preemies anymore.

    Note that DSCO continues to claim a potential billion dollar drug even though they used to say it was a billion dollar drug based on selling into a patient population of ANY age for a myriad of indications... now it is only preemies... yet they still maintain it is a billion dollar drug.

    I think they would say it was a billion dollar drug regardless of the potential patient population... even if it was only 50,000. If they don't continue to say "billion dollar drug"... who will buy the stock and who will partner???

    I think Surfaxin might be a $75 million drug that has had way to much spent on it already.....

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    • You haven't made much mention about the expiring patents for some reason...
      I wish I could be a believer in this POS again and call you bad names, but they've proven time and time again that they have 0 intention of EVER being successful..

    • Surf liquid is a 75 mil drug, but the value of LS and Aerosurf is much larger. While I agree--1 billion may be a bit optimistic--all products together I could pretty easily see being worth 500mil+. That seems reasonable. What I've always maintained about this company (and Surfaxin) is that, although liquid surfaxin itself won't bring in huge bucks, it does pave the way for LS and Aerosurf, and I believe that in and of itself will draw huge interest from investors. Once they start selling liquid surfaxin--and there is strong incentive to do so with 20 million of the new loan attached to that milestone--that should solidify investor confidence in LS and Aerosurf. The beauty is that LS and Aero are the same drug, just simply in different physical forms--but they are chemically identical to liquid surf.

      I know everyone is sick of waiting--I am, too--but this is overall pretty good news. I do agree, however, that Cooper is terrible....but what can ya do?

      good luck ya'll.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Well, they have a financier. That's a beginning. I think this could turn out to be a very nice mover Dutch. I'm back in.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • The BS is where they're gonna get into a jam. Especially with the new believers.

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