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  • pinski1959 pinski1959 Mar 1, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    Surfaxin Lauch, On Track or Not?

    With the second quarter almost here you would think the PPS would be going the other way. But neither the FDA or DSCO will say much about the Problems with the Batches being made now. Deerfield was a good "PR" but there should have been more to follow up after that to give Investors a better direction. This is what happens when a Company is Too Quiet or has something to hide.

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    • Pinski. what "problems" with the batches being made now are you referring to? The changes to the quality procedures? DSCO shouldn't make any batches right now that aren't for supplying data to the FDA.....assuming that the change in the February Prospectus was real... removing "early" from "launch early inn the 2nd quarter".
      However, if DSCO is launching early in the 2nd quarter like they said, they do need make production batches right now, get them tested, approved and shipped distribution in April... like they first said . Back then DSCO said they would launch early in the 2nd quarter, and that included the time to produce and ship into medical distribution warehouses (old info - Surfaxin takes a week or so to mix, and 2 to 3 weeks to quality test each batch for release, Surfaxin should show up in distribution about a month after production begins)

      That "early 2nd quarter launch" dates to late last year, before the regime change. DSCO needs FDA approval for the changes they want to make. (FDA has been forcing DSCO to re-tighten quality specs/procedures for 8 years). These procedure changes are "production changes"... it takes the FDA about 6 months minimum to do a review... so saying in October that Surfaxin would be "in the warehouses" early 2nd quarter (April) was probably a compromised schedule to begin with. But I am not the one who made that statement... DSCO did.

      I will be interested to hear the revenues as of the EOY from Mr. Cooper on Wednesday. Don't forget that Affectair was launched in the 4th quarter... "millions and millions and millions...." People are going to be disappointed to say the least. But you won't have seen anything yet... wait until the 1st quarter numbers come in... and they only have one comma in them.....

    • This guy is getting old. Does anybody agree?

    • This will go down to $0.80 until the drug launches. Once it launches, this will go up near $2.40. Again, this will go down to $1.20 until July, 2014. Then it will pop up to $6.80 and, eventually, it will go down back to $0.30 and will face another reverse split. Thus, sell now and buy at the right price range because this stock is NOT a buy-and-hold kind of stock. If you invested $10,000 in DSCO ten years ago, you would have had just $800 on your hand as of today. In 2023, you will have only $80 or below. I guaran#$%$-tee.

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    • Sorry for misspelled word " Launch "

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