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  • bs572 bs572 May 7, 2013 11:57 AM Flag

    Patents now worthless.

    Hospitals unable to switch due to the risks and Insurance premuims demanded. The Patents have little street value. Time for the Mgmt to auction of its I.P.

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    • your statement makes no sense.hospitals switch all the time. also Surfaxin is much cheaper than the current medicine on the market so I know insurance companies are not balking.In fact this synthetic form of surfactant is less risky than the currently animal derived medicines. you may want to get a new source as the patents have a ton of street value and will only go up with the 4th quarter release.this is a great buy.

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      • DSCO received five consecutive Complete Response Letters before finally gaining approval of Surfaxin in March of 2012. Management then indicated that it planned to launch Surfaxin in November of 2012. However, in October it indicated that there was an issue to be resolved with an analytical chemistry method (quality assurance test) that would result in the launch being delayed until 2Q, 2013. Well that time is about up, how happy do you think Deerfield is having been their investment tank and options tank worse? Considering their performance record to date its likely they have or will breech their agreement with Deerfield. If that happens they will be forced to dilute or renegotiate a new financing deal from desperate circumstances which is always disastrous for shareholders. Why run that risk? There are many other investments to choose from and there is a reaso this stock is cheap and getting cheaper. If the price collapses there will be a trade, but even then its just a trade, the stocks biggest cheerleader, Smith On Stocks, anticipates the company needs to raise an additional 20 million and that's if they secure a partnership with a 15 million dollar up front payment and they really stand little to no chance of being profitable until Aerosurf is marketed many years from now.
        DSCO anticipates pricing Surfaxin at a modest premium to Survanta and Curosurf which are well off patent and very cheap. Hospital formulary acceptance will take time and insurance company support is not assured. Any hiccups along the way mean more dilution and losses for shareholders. This is a traders stock, if you are not expert at trading odds are strong you will lose. Smith anticipates another 100% dilution by the time Aerosuf hits the market, there will be lots of money made and lost by that time this company is profitable if it ever gets to that point. Kæviːɑːt ˈɛmptɔr .

    • Absolutely true. But it's good for babies, Indian and Israeli copy cats will probably beat DSCO to the market. The sure are more competent in manufacturing the drug.

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      • According to Adam Grant's terrific new book, takers are those who take more than they give. Matchers are those who try to give and take proportaionally and conditionally. Givers are those who give more than they take. Takers are primarily self-oriented, matchers are other-oriented as a means to being self-oriented and givers are primarily other-oriented.
        His research shows that principled givers are by far the most successful among us. Considering DSCO's protracted record of failure to deliver anything of value while enriching executives the only morally justifiable course of action for the BOD is to sell this company to the highest bidder as soon as practical for the benefit of all except perhaps for the takers at the top of this self serving scheme who have perverted the purpose of patents and capital markets.

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