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  • spillworthy spillworthy Nov 14, 2013 4:14 PM Flag

    Jones, how do you like my strategy? This is my long strategy.

    I don't care what price you shorts take the stock at. Every month I will buy $1,700 worth of shares. Then my tax return will be used to buy more DSCO too. So, it doesn't make a difference where you shorts manipulate the price at. If it go's down, then each month my price point will average down. Your short games can not last much longer as each quarter financials will be better than the last, and progress on Aerosurf through phase 2 mid 2014 will attract more attention to DSCO's cheap price thanks to you shorts. But, I will be glad to tighten the noose monthly on you shorts as other longs jump into the stock quarterly. The lower you take it, the more shares I get. And as my other stocks in my portfolio pop up, I will use that money to buy DSCO too.

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    • Go get'em Spilly!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Your method is about as fail proof as going to Vegas and doubling each time you lose.

    • The great Enron strategy!! So many on so many different stocks have averaged down to zero or great losses. Just 6 yrs ? ago you could have averaged down from above $40, really slick investment strategy.
      What about those who averaged down from $2 Before the reverse split ($30 post split price), how has that worked for them.
      Regardless of the stock I do not believe in the average down method.

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      • spillworthy: where to start with your reply. The stock is currently moving down because there are more sellers than buyers. DSCO has at best 1 year of funding, unless they do not go forward with commercial manufacturing and just manufacture samples AND do not hire additional employees, etc..
        Now as for shorts averaging down. Slow down and think. A short averaging down is like a long averaging UP. Think on it and you'll understand.

        Surfaxin has competition that is well established and with a proven safety record. Surfaxin will have a difficult time even getting a third of the US market. Aerosurf is years away, based upon past performance phase 2 will not be completed until 2019, then there is phase 3. Oh, Aerosurf will compete against Surfaxin for the same small group of critical infant patients.

        DSCO has stated that even at full sales figures (which are way overestimated) Surfaxin will not turn a profit for the company. Check DSCO's filings yourself. The only mechanism for income is dilution. After the final phase of the current loan it will be difficult to additional loans as DSCO has pledged most of the company as collateral for the existing loans.

      • Jones, but you shorts average down all the time, so how is it that you don't believe in averaging down? Jones, DSCO past is not the future. Yes, every Biotech that has nothing to sell, and needs to fund research needed to reverse split, and dilute. Timing as a investor is everything, just as timing as a short is everything. Now, DSCO has enough money to fund them through 2015, and has already started to sell Surfaxin and Afectair to generate more money starting off slow then picking up speed as each quarter passes. There was a time for the shorts in the past. Now, DSCO is a bad short. The diluted shares, all 25 million never hit the market, as institutions wanted them. Institutions are very strong hands, and as DSCO's other drugs especially Aerosurf moves through 2nd phase mid 2014, and is likely to be fast tract through as their is nothing on the market like it, then each quarter more institutions and investors will jump in. The short game is very soon to be over. You shorts already have millions of shares in fail to deliver. DSCO has been on the REG SHOW LIST for the past couple of days. There is hardly any options for you shorts to buy for 50 cents a share for the 2 dollar strike price. 20 thou in options will not cover the millions upon millions of shares that are short. Longs are not selling, they are buying. Shorts will start to get desparate, and then it will be short against short trying to buy in the cheapest as the price gaps up. Jones are you ready? Or are you going to hold it down to let me and other longs nibble at the shorts? Then prepare each quarter large masses of longs buy a position in DSCO. I know I sleep better at night than you.

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      • you don't know what you're talking about

    • Jones will get back to ya later after he's done blowing dutchboyprint

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