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  • TheFrogGrinder TheFrogGrinder Sep 20, 2010 6:57 AM Flag

    This all makes sense now!

    Sure - Sure The Deal is already been done.

    The Cat is already in the bag! LOL

    That's why Ackman and Simon are acting so Cocky.

    They met and already cut a Deal.

    Hi Mr. Ackman - How are you?

    Hi Mr. Simon - Great - Nice to meet you!
    I know you want GGP really bad - What can I do to make this happen for you?

    Mr. Simon - Well you know you are right - I would like the best properties and I'm really not interested in these office buildings. Plus, I need GGP's Mgt. out of the way - I have my own people ready to step in and take over the day-to-day operations. Plus, I'd like to see this Hughes heirs thing settled. What do you think?

    Mr. Ackman - Consider it done - All you have to do is make me Rich with an offer around $30 and I'll walk away. I don't really care what happens to this company or the properties. All I want is my $$$$$ and then I'll be moving on to the next Big Deal.

    Mr. Simon - OK This is great. Also, this will give me time to get my Ducks in a Row. Can't wait til Oct. 21st.

    Mr. Ackman - Me too! In the meantime, I'll put this in motion and make sure these few items are taken care of.

    Mr. Simon - Cool - Thank God - This will make me the King of the Mall World. WOW !

    Mr. Ackman - Glad to help you out - This will make me Stinkin' Rich! WOW!

    And that's all she wrote!

    2 Big Kids now waitin' outside the Candy Store waiting for it to Open. with their Noses pressed against the glass with anticipation.

    That's why they have said and acted the way they are - They already no whats going to happen.

    The writing is on the Wall.

    I'm sure this type of conversation took place.

    Think about it.

    Load up Boys - This is an Opportunity of a Lifetime!

    $16 to $30 is almost a Double! LOL

    My Theory anyway!

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    • We welcome your daddy buying us out for $30 GGP all in SPG stock

    • TheFrog,

      That's great! BTW, is your last name Simon?


    • My Dad says that all he has to do is Write the Check.

      He's just waitin' for the 21st and then everything will be taken care of.

    • Big P,

      No, it appears that Sammy is not a native English speaker, however, you have to admire his tenacity and creative genius in writing this: >>> "Your comments are just false and no more than story from spam-filled snake mouth."

      Now, being honest, that smacks of a literary masterpiece in terms of imagery, I must admit!

      dabqs :-D

    • Indeed, we win either way! I agree that goven BAM's history, they woudl prefer to control but not own GGP in its entirety. That said, my point was predicated on the idea that BAM may have no choice, as they could be forced by the hedge boys or lose it to SPG or Blackstone.
      All things considered, even if they had to buy GGP whole, they could at a later date take on a friendly JV partner of their choosing and scale back they capital commitment( once again reverting to their "alley cat" ways.


    • Big,

      Do you mean analyst instead of analysis ?
      Thanks, I am a Briton living in east Texas.


    • Hey llyoyd,

      I am going out on a limb here, but I am guessing English is not your first language, huh?

    • Hawk,
      I believe you are a good analysis as far as REIT concerned but also believe in you that you may work for SPG or heavily invested in SPG.

      As far as I know, SPG do not have any chance to take control of GGP and no way can be won GGP without Berkie and Ackman. Please check yourself if your comment is far-fetched or not. Your comments are just false and no more than story from spam-filled snake mouth. Do not make joke no more,
      If SPG want to win control, she mush pay hefty or win both approval.


    • >>>>>It always comes down to a girl, doesn't it! ;-D<<<<<<<<

      Well I can't argue that point.

      However, to continue your analogy, BAM is not faithful to one girl. They have the morals of an ally cat and like to own many things with only majority positions not wholly-owned positions whenever they can structure it.

      I do think BAM wants to control the assets of GGP but I don't see them willing to tie up more capital than is needed to control more than 50% of the stock.

      I don't see that working here as everyone (not just the Hedgies) will want to cash out if a big bid is offered.

      A private offer from BAM for 51% of the Company while SPG is prepared to buy 100% will not work for BAM, and will cause a shareholder revolt.

      If you are right and BAM is prepared to tie up that much of their capital in order to buy the entire company, then they would have the inside track on owning GGP, but I don't think that is their strategy.

      Either way, we win.

    • Hawk,

      Our difference comes down to your thinking that BAM will not buck up, and my thinking they will >>>> if their hand is forced by Ack/Berkowitz.

      BAM owns the largest stake of GGP, and they are long term investors. Ack/Berkie are hedge boys, and if you will, they merely want to "date" the girl, and not "marry" her (as is the wish of BAM).

      It always comes down to a girl, doesn't it! ;-D


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