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  • iknowcarpet iknowcarpet Mar 12, 2008 4:43 PM Flag

    Claims debacle!

    Mohawks failed attempt at a "Green" carpet tile backing has now cost the company in excess of 10 million dollars. The problems associated with Mohawks new Encycle Tile have continued to plague the company's Commercial products division. Stability issues with the backing did not become evident until the product was installed.
    The problem reached a boiling point last week when Bill Little, the Director of Production in charge of Mohawk's Greensboro Tile plant, was terminated.
    Estimates for initial losses due to this failed backing exceed 100 million US$ and do not include future lost sales due to the failure.
    Product lines affected by this manufacturing disaster include Mohawk Commercial, Bigelow and Lees carpet tile, along with Lees broadloom, which attempted to use a rolled version of the same product.
    Mohawk plans to return to its' PVC backing format once current Encycle stocks are sold.

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    • Now there are countless claims on the specialty broadloom backing Unibond. It smells and it grows. Schools are having it replaced one or two times.

    • Scroll back and read your post Tuan. You said:

      Isn't this going to be very expensive to change everything back to the old way of making tile?

      Changing back didn't cost squat. They never quit the former backing.
      You are right on costs to the company in claims, which is what I SAID all along. And noone can tell you how many sales will be lost.

      Check the Rep's commission checks. That will tell you.

      When I read your post, I thought the same thing the other guy did. You were referencing change over costs ONLY.

      And I bet claims top 200 million. EASILY. I've seen 2 million plus myself. And I'm nobody. They are pulling in claims help from all over Mohawk to quell the tide.

    • It looks like you were right. Big Al K-Bust has taken it in the wallet long enough. All the claims finally slapped him awake.

      I wonder if "IShawMyFoot in my mouth" will be man enough to admit he was wrong......

    • Does anyone have any current information on the Mohawk backing problem?

    • and the dublin pant in laurens Co, Ga?

    • That's ironic!

      Just a few years ago a bunch of Mohawk & Lee's people were cutting on the Beaulieu Commercial carpet tile at Neocon. These bullies were trying to cast doubt on the product (Beaulieu seems to be their favorite target) . I just hate negative sellers so it's rather ironic the ones throwing rocks are experiencing bolders falling from the sky on their heads.

      Beaulieu's problems seem to be behind them and Lee's seem to be up to their eyeballs. How deserving of those who go negative. Similar to a few years ago when, before Lee's was acquired and MHK had no PVC they mailed Blue Vinyl Videos to a lot of design firms....a year later....selling PVC tile.

      I am sure they will fix these problems but they are taking some major hits on the bow of the interesting to see who has to walk the plank. Credibility is tough to build and very easy to lose.

    • Mr. Knowitall,

      you haven't reported that Lees has reverted ALL Faculty Classics and Faculty IV tile back to PVC..

      And Pumpkin, that is current news.

      Bubba says you were a lousy salesperson.

    • 9:40am eastern time. so sad that you cant see but what is straight in front of you. Hmmm, could there be other time zones. No, that couldnt be possible. LMAO

    • hey carpet sense, most of my post are early morning or late evening. HMMMMMM what are you doing doing peak times. ON the message board I see

    • You're not going to sell anything running your mouth on the internet at 9:40 a.m.!! LMAO Too funny.

      All that from a guy that was fired selling Hummers and is now throwing stones from the Daewoo dealership.

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