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  • minhpham74 minhpham74 Feb 23, 2008 8:49 PM Flag

    I went to 3 wendys today while delivering my loads


    as a driver, I get to analize companies I invest in by going to towns big and small. I've been to 3 different wendys and all have alot of traffic. 1 of those wendys was right next to kfc/long john silver(which had 3 cars parked in the lot).Im not by any means degrading yum because I own that stock as well,but proof was in the pudding that wen is solid. if yum doesnt uy wendys, they're missing out on a really good acquisition. I'd go for a 1 for 1 share transfer towards yum stock. by the way arbys restaurants are always dead. never any volume at any of the restaurants I pass by. no wonder why TRY wants to acquire WEN. it'll boost lagging sales from arbys

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    • I don't know if they are 100% inept. In 2007 they did gain great grounds in store profitability. Granted, the Red Wig ads were a mistake and sales were almost flat in a very competitive bad US economy.

    • It also takes BRAINS which management is sadly lacking ex. their stupid pathetic red wig ad!!!!! How would I descibe management?????Inept. intellectually bankrupt,incapable, underacheiving Just to name a few!!!! Cramer has now an opening on his "WALL of SHAME"---I'D LIKE TO NOMINATE ANDERSON TO FILL THE SLOT!!!!!! wboyce3

    • do it, most fast food joints have caught wen in quality. Thats the really problem.

    • wen could b easily fixed without spending tons of $$. u have a guide of how to just by look'n at what's working. mcd got big into coffee to bal morn breakfast. follow only do it better with assorted beverages that r quality(it cost u less then .50 to brew a pot of columbian fresh grind) make it interesting for adults nd KIDS. take on more burrito extentions of tex/mex menu to attract more spicy, trendy foods that fit in your hand. bring along a fresh natural soup menu that changes daily and can b coordinated nationally on the days of the wk. this give's wen more opportunity to promote interest in multiple wkly visits. CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN the stores upside dwn and start over again. offer contest that can involve ur employees for customer favorable comments that encourage more expression for better customer relations. offer customers contest that encourage multiple visits in order to win. take the whole quality of ur fries up with consistency(don't serve cold over cooked fries)

    • mcd yearly sales per store are 1.8 mil., wen 1.25mil big difference. they need to buid up breakfast and that takes time and money

    • You can't get seats without votes and you can't vote without shares. YUM doesn't own WEN shares. Don't play the game if you don't know the rules. You are destined to get burned.

    • Yum hasn't tried to gain any seats on the board...what are you talking about?

    • If they weren't interested why would they want togain me seats on the board ?

    • Oh I don't know. I think there is a TON of potential for WEN Internationally. YUM has a very good game plan for International growth. At the right price it could work I really think.

    • they announced that months ago...they are opening way too many stores in asia right now to fool with WEN....WEN is probably overvalued here as they have a higher PE than Burger King and much higher than YUM...WEN has more downside room from here. I think 19 or 20 would be a great time to buy this stock.

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