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  • scomasea scomasea Jun 13, 2010 9:28 AM Flag

    Arby's Dairy Queen ? Buffet is the 3rd party ?

    makes sence imo. Dairy Queen has gone beyond ice cream to burgers ect. and imo. a ice cream stand's needs structures like Arby's and it's cheaper to buy a pre-existing structures than to build them,both time and money and to have more buying power for beef ect. for Dairy Queen & Wendy's & Arby's "the more u buy the cheaper it is" also why not sell Dairy Queen ice cream menu at Wendy's on a smaller scale though then at Arby's Dairy Queen...........imo. buyout at $8.00 no matter who is interested and i like the wording of this 3rd party inquiry to aquire Wendy's/Arbys.........WANTS TO INCLUDE PELTZ BUT IF NOT WILL GO AHEAD TO AQUIRE WENDY'S W/OUT HIM..........and this analyst that saids mcdonalds simply beat wendy's is crazy imo. of corse mcdonalds did better than wendy's,its like saying intel beat a much smaller ship company

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    • Noway Dairy Queen or WB is 3rd party. If WB is interested with this indebted WEN he will buy under $2 if he is indeed a 3rd party. This is all JOOH HOAX. WEN food don't suck but the management sucks. The don't have clue what they are in. Last year they were the interested part to by KK doghnuts.

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      • all the fast food are leverage w/more debt than cash and besides if wendy's sold arby's there would be no is only transferred on wall st. is where u r at imo..........but who really cares i bought at average price of $4.20 and imo. w/buyout i will get $7 to $8.00 no buyout long run this year above $10

    • My good man....Wendy's food sucks too..Unhealthy, so if you think their food beat on a food test thats your opinion..

      Apparently the masses think different, and thus choose to go to McD's. I was just stating a point about food and rev., comps.

      Good day, and have a frosty day.


    • Dairy queen not even, my good man. Numbers don't lie, McD's is the better.

      Don't marry your investments.....Sonc, and Jack n' the box, way better acquisitions, according to their balance sheets.

      What you have here is a vehicle in a way to make money...look for price to increase, and then it will be sold, and what the heck is with Yahoo stating a 20+ forecasted pps????I might go to Wendy's today....

      God bless

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