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  • atzzz45 atzzz45 Oct 17, 2002 9:43 PM Flag

    Change - West or AH???

    There's no doubt that change is needed to stay competitive, and from what I can see it's needed both in the West and in AH. Out West it is being forced to happen, but let's face it, the biggest obsticle for change in the West has always been the lack of credibility of the AH management team. LW needs to put an AH team in place that has the ability to lead the organization, not a team that just expects the West to be "yes" men.

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    • Doesn't it seem funny that the only people that do not want to let this subject die is the old contractor. It is funny that theinvestor or oldretiredman or whoever he/she wants to be this week can tell ag4808 that he has no facts when theinvestor/oldretiredman can only talk about lame accusations. Is there anyone else out there that is ready to put this subject to bed yet? Please let us know because it comes back like Jason on Friday the 13th and just like the show, it gets worse every time.

    • I agree, change is often needed for a company to be progressive. However one of the problems this company has is the people put in management positions or people who move up in this company are in most cases someone�s buddy. They are put in positions of authority based on who they know and not on their ability or experience. This has happened over and over from the top down to the guys at the bottom. Often times the people put in these positions are nice people and may even think they can do the job but end up failing due to lack of skill or experience. The new haul contractor referred to in earlier threads, if the truth were known got the contract because they had a buddy in ACC management. The old contractor didn't have a buddy or made someone mad so they did not get the contract. The decision was not made on an unbiased evaluation of work ethics or overall capability or what might be in the best interest of the company in the future. This type of management style needs to be changed for sure. You might be my buddy but if you are not right for the job you should not get the job. The boy�s upstairs need to be paying a little more attention to who is getting positions and who's putting them in these positions. One or two bad decisions due to someone�s lack of experience or lack of ability is very costly to the company on a daily production basis as well as potential customer losses. Just my opinion.

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      • I hope everyone notices that tthese messages are 10 years old!.

      • Just look what happen at the Belle Speciality Plant: You had 8 or 10 people with lots of seniority and experince! Rubin P was brought in as an operator and in a very short time he was able to replace the person managing the place by getting him fired. He inturn hired a Chad D who in a few months was put in charge as the production lead position with no expierince over the senior operators who worked there.What soon happen between the two they made changes in the process which in the long run messed up the formulations of the products and cause problems down the line. Ruben had a short run as manager and was fired , leaving Chad to run the place with little production skills on how to run the place.Shortly during this time people starting to quit because of this In house management mess. Chad was a fox in charge of the hen house,with no upper management keep close tabs on what really was going on. He brought in a relative and between the two, everyone was picking up their slack. then a couple more people quit. Then in a less in a year he was able fire four more operators on very questionable issues with no exact plyable procedures in place.Two of them having over 30 years each with company . Chad was shrortly demoted back to be a operator. But the damage was already done by Ruben and Chad.Two people put in charged but short lived their power, Were able to fire or make good workers with over 120 years experince quit because of them in a time span of 2 years. How sad that people as you said in your post people that individuals are put in positions of power that shouldn't and can totally screw things up , but in their time of reign they are able not only get good workers fired , mess up production, lose customers , steal the company blind. In a three year period, the speciality plant had how many managers 3 - 4 now how can that be a way to run a business, don't sound to stable to me ! The poor managers never has a chance to grasp the whole operation. No wonder they try to get out of the Speciality Plant to a differnt position as quickly as possible, to save themselves. How many managers have been there in the pass three years , seems like it still a rotating managers merry-go-around but the company can't find one that fits the position and stay ! Where is the accountablity of upper management who put in these people in charge who are uncapable of the position to start with. It seems the people on the bottom pays the price and upper management just keep making their blind mistakes and stay unaccountable!

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      • I don't know much about the new haul contractor, but I denfitely agree that too many people end up in their position because they're somebody's Buddy, not because they had the best qulifications. Then, they either fail because they didn't have the training to do the job, or they get canned when the politics change and they're not the right person's Buddy anymore. We've got to get things back on track where merit counts, not who drinks beer with the boss. Then we'll have less turnover, more faith in our managers, and a stronger bottom line.

      • I agree with your comment that the 'man upstairs' needs to pay more attention to what is going on in management - but I do not for one second agree that management personnel does not have experience. Most of your ACO plant managers - both those employed now and those recently let go - have worked their way up from the low-level labor jobs. Your comment about the new contractor and his lack of experience is, in my opinion, unfounded. He began where all other ACO employees begin - and he has just moved onto a different perspective of the business. He knows the business - and I am not saying that the old contractor didn't know anything because they did - I want to emphasize that. Things change. But, most ACO plant management does know the in's and the out's of the process.
        You do have a valid point that AH needs to take a look at what is going on. Maybe not just AH but The Board needs to see what is going on also...

    • Very well put Atzzzz45. You and Formercasulty hit the nail on the head . I beleive that AH just dont understand what they have out west, And L.W. is placing a lot of power in someone that obviousley doesnt have a clue himself either to make those calls. I agree that changes are good, When they are good changes.Can anyone say with 100% confidence that the changes that have happened will be good and directly impact shareholder value
      There seems to be so much trash about the Belle operations lately on this board But i have been told that L.W. Himself was on site a few weeks back and left the Colony Plant operations, Lets say less than happy. It seems to me this company has more problems than the plants in Belle Fourche, In the past year both colony plants have had new managers installed, As well as Belle Fourche, And there supervisor as well. Or is this problem just one man doing what is best, Or just taking a stab at what he thinks is best and hoping like hell it will work out. At a time like this a quote from E.Weaver comes to mind
      BUT THEN THINGS ARE QUIT NEVER AS BAD AS THEY SEEM EITHER) WHO KNOWS? Time will tell , I think there are rougher waters ahead, Hang on Thar she blows !!!!!!!! Dammm