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  • jms2300 jms2300 Oct 8, 2003 9:31 AM Flag

    Nano Cream

    Mrs. 2300 and I were watching a football game and saw a cosmetics ad(maybe Estee Lauder) for their new blahblah with nanocreme. High priced air time and the first I have seen promoting what I hope is the Amcol cosmetic base product.

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    • That $12 target is the opinion of only 1 broker.

    • I have been using PEG to analyze issues like Amcol. PE to Earnings Growth.
      Nice article and explanation of PEG by James K. Glassman on National Review Online. National

    • A google search for nanocreme turns up web pages that are all in foreign languages that i am unable to interpret. But, the health and beauty product business at amcol is not a nanocor business. The last presentation to analysts at red chip made a point of noting that this new business is an outgrowth of retaining technology rights to the patented technology developed for the superabsorbent polymer business that was sold to basf in 2001.
      i believe this would not have a clay in it. I also believe that the word "nano" has no appropriate use with polymer chemistry.

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      • Thanks for setting me straight on this. I did a nano cream search on Yahoo! and found 385 entries.
        Apparently DuPont is involved in nanocream. Perusing some of these entries I discovered that one of the challenges of using a nano substance is the number of layers of skin penetrated. Beyond a certain number the FDA must give approval.
        Is there a place where one can get more information on the Amcol cosmetic product? In the Red Chip presentation it sounded like a very promising product.