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  • scottsdaleslim scottsdaleslim Jan 6, 2004 7:29 PM Flag

    Insider selling

    I was researching to buy until I saw the insider selling figures. They're buying up their $2.00 options and selling at under $18 through December. 796,000 insider shares sold in the last six months including 100,000 by Mr. Washlow. Good Luck, I'm looking for a more confident management.

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    • Thanks for the compliments� it�s nice to have someone to spar with. All the technical mathematics junkies are tying to figure this one out�. If you look at the chart after a few glass of cognac, it looks like barney. Back in, of course� Thursday was a beautiful day for my weighted average distribution; remember I�m not the only one eating pork. As for the witch, I�m not talking about the counselor at St. Martin, Do you homework.

    • Management has lots of confidence - look at all the buying ($2) and selling ($15-up) keeps the stock moving.Curious as to how much is accutually bought and held!Looking at the insider page I see L has had a great year, increasing his holdings for one thing. I wonder if this company has any openings or if L needs an assistant. Hey Moonshinejohnson any words of wisdom and insight on all this? How far can I ride this pony? Are we still climbing that hill $$$

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      • BoCo,
        Looks like I dumped to early, need to remember that I�m generation X, not from the old school of hold them till you retire. Would love to hear anyone�s thesis on the valuation at $23. What happens to a fat hog? I know you guys miss me but wfi doesn�t work well for the boat in St. Thomas. I miss AJ. "Live fast, Die young, and Leave a good-looking corpse". -James Dean

      • Only insider transaction I see providing clues about the executive management outlook on the current run-up vs expected 2004 performance is the CFO's May option exercise. All of the others are cashing in aged options delivering big from stock split with sale of sorbent polymers. If the CFO sells before next and wait for another similar transaction.

        On China, until this management separately reports earnings from the individual intl operations probably is safest to assume that metalcasting, cat litter, GCL and UK businesses are doing the heavy lifting while management sits back and lets the market ride the tide of the China GDP growth mystique. Review of quarterly calls suggests that this CEO would cite some details about contribution if he thought it was significant percentage of sales or earnings growth. On the otherhand, given the track record of delivering from the core businesses, any specific mention of Asian contribution would be quite an achievement and probably roll share price to even higher P/E multiples. In round numbers, it would not be prudent to chirp too Chinese until its earnings approach 1% of overall earnings.

    • Would suggest you expand your research to include common sense and delve into a little history. Asset utilization may be a worthy valuation of the people in those management positions. What are some of the other stocks you've shied away from with that logic?

    • It took 2 minutes to compile the following about officers since June: McKendrick sold 40K shares and exercised options for 40K. Warshow sold/disposed 143K shares and exercised options for 391K. I didn't do Maul because there was some confusing stuff about a trust. Source was Yahoo. Any corrections/additions are welcome.

    • You better sell your entire portfolio Slim. I have it on good authority that every issue you own has had sales in the last six months.