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  • algo41 algo41 Mar 22, 2008 9:30 AM Flag

    Helath and beauty is active

    This is from a Jan 08 article, mostly about big companies using small company R&D, although in this case it is going the other way. Interestingly, until it sold off a major division, AMCOL was veruy big in selling to diaper industry.

    In August 2004, Procter & Gamble entered into a technology transfer agreement with AMCOL International Corporation under which it will license polymer technology to AMCOL’s Health & Beauty Solutions Group. This technology enables the use of polymer particles to deliver active ingredients in wet wipe applications. AMCOL HBS already produces polymeric microparti-cle delivery systems for cosmetic, personal care, and pharmaceutical applications.

    The licensing created a win-win situation for the two participants. Larry Washow, AMCOL president and chief executive officer, says, “This license complements the intellectual property portfolio that we have developed in-house. The significance of this license is that it opens the door for the use of our polymeric delivery systems in wet wipes applications — a growing business area.” Kevin Cureton, AMCOL HBS managing director, notes, “In addition, AMCOL HBS is looking forward to applying these technologies to new markets such as household products and surface cleaning applications.” Meanwhile, Lisa Nalpolione, director, baby care research and development, P&G observes. “This licensing agreement is a perfect example of extracting additional value from our R&D investment.”