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  • wizeoldowl7 wizeoldowl7 Dec 6, 2012 10:52 AM Flag

    Jobs why is it

    Is seems rather funny or should I say trendy, that at times there is a rash of workers that have a substantial amount of time with the company are culled out and let go with no real plausible reason. The rules change day to day and only is applied when management wants to. The zero tolerance policy is a joke , heads turn and look the away when wanted, but those who are culled out - management washes their hands of any wrong doing and take no responsibility , even if a policy is not in place a worker will be let go and the next day a new policy will be in inplace to justify their termination. Meanwhile, " Mr Zero Tolerance " is caught going around a railroad crossing safety barrier, and gets what ? He is getting a promotion I hear!
    Sounds like this company or management has a double standard, just like other companies, and feel that they are not accountable for their actions. But of coarse to make it look good they toss a few employees with little time with the company so it don't look so obvious, but people know it for what is! If you are not one of the good o'l boys and play the game ,watch you back and see who is peeking around the corner, because your days are numbered. Its to bad how companies let go employees of long term commitement to the work place. Just think of the expience , dedication and knowlege that is lost . I feel for those that have been culled out, but feel more so for those who don't feel that they were not accountable. Let say a special prayer those people," for we know them for what they are and god does to"!

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    • When the mining is done you eat the mule : use a man for all his worth during his prime then get rid of him .

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      • I just heard another 30+ year company man just got the ax. Tick tock is the sound in everyones head if they have any time with the company, unless you tilt your head just right ...then you are safe for now! How sad that it has to be this way : ( Thanks for forfeiting your golden years to be kicked to the curb to find a new career at your age. Good luck D, Upper management don't care they have cushioned themselves for the good life. The company forgets themselves of the knowledge that the long term employees have!

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