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  • steve_382n steve_382n Jan 31, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    Investor Presentation for Q4 2012

    Amcol has updated their investor presentation. Can't post a link, but if you go to the investor relations page you can open the pdf file.

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    • I am wondering if they haven't spread themselves too thin for a $1 billion dollar revenue company. If you look at the map of locations on page 6 of the presentation, there are 35 sales offices, 24 Amcol plants, 8 Cetco plants, 8 mine locations, 5 joint ventures, and the corporate headquarters spread around the world. That is 81 different locations which equates to about $12 million in revenues for each location. This seems like a difficult number of businesses to manage. It's hard to believe all these locations have enough business to justify keeping them. Seems like they need to focus on what is working or can be fixed easily and let the others go away.

      Revenues have doubled since 2005, but earnings are only up 53% since 2005. Normally, you would expect more of the top line to flow to the bottom line as revenues increase and existing plants operate at higher levels. This tells me they are growing by creating a greater number of plants that run at lower profit levels rather than growing sales at existing plants.

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      • Last year's 10-K showed 58 subsidiaries. That seems like something GE should have, not a barely $1 billion company.

        ADAE SKA Poland 100
        AMCOL Australia Pty Ltd Australia 100
        AMCOLL de Mexico, S.A. Mexico 100
        AMCOL DongMing Industrial Minerals Co., Ltd. China 100
        AMCOL Health & Beauty Solutions, Inc. USA 100
        AMCOL (Holdings) Ltd. England 100
        AMCOL International B.V. Netherlands 100
        AMCOL International Holdings Corporation USA 100
        AMCOL International (Thailand) Ltd. Thailand 100
        AMCOL Korea Ltd. Korea 100
        AMCOL Mauritius Mauritius 100
        AMCOL MinChem (Jianping) Co. Ltd. China 100
        AMCOL Minerals and Materials Mauritius 100
        AMCOL Minerals and Materials (India) Pvt Ltd. India 100
        AMCOL Minerals Eu Limited England 100
        AMCOL Minerals Europe Limited England 100
        AMCOL Minerals Madencilik San Ve Tik AS Turkey 100
        AMCOL SKA Poland 100
        American Colloid Company USA 100
        Ameri-Co Carriers, Inc. USA 100
        Ameri-Co Logistics, Inc. USA 100
        Bonmerci Investments 103 (Pty) South Africa 100
        Batlhako Mining Ltd South Africa 74
        CETCO China Ltd. China 100
        CETCO Czech Czech Republic 100
        CETCO do Brazil Servicios de Construcao Ltda Brazil 100
        CETCO do Brasil Services Productos e de Meio-Abiente Ltd. Brazil 100
        CETCO (Europe) Limited England 100
        CETCO France France 100
        CETCO Germany Germany 100
        CETCO Holdings B.V. Netherlands 100
        CETCO Iberia Construcciones y Servicios Spain 100
        CETCO Iberia S.L. Spain 100
        CETCO Korea Ltd. Korea 100
        CETCO Lining Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. India 80
        CETCO Netherlans BV Netherlands 100
        CETCO Oilfield Services Company Limited Canada 100
        CETCO Oilfield Services Limited UK 100
        CETCO Oilfield Services Pty. Ltd. Australia 100
        CETCO Oilfield Services Asia Ltd. Malaysia 100
        CETCO Oilfield Services Company USA 100
        CETCO Oilfield Services Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Malaysia 49
        CETCO Oilfield Services Nigeria Limited Nigeria 100
        CETCO-POLAND Sp. z o.o Poland 100
        CETCO Poland SKA Poland 100
        CETCO Technologies (Suzhou) Co. Ltd. China 100
        Colloid Environmental Technologies Company USA 100
        CVE CETCO Latino America Limitada Chile 100
        Ingeniería y Construcción Cetco Limitada Chile 99.9
        Lafayette Well Testing, Inc. USA 100
        Montana Minerals Development Company USA 100
        Nanocor, Inc. USA 100
        Poland Fundsz Inwestycyjny Zamkniety Poland 100
        Volclay International Corporation USA 100
        Volclay (Tianjin) Industrial Minerals Co., Ltd. China 100
        Volclay South Africa (Proprietary) Limited South Africa 100
        Volclay Trading (Proprietary) Limited South Africa 100
        Volclay Tianyu China 95