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  • Sparkster517 Sparkster517 Dec 1, 1997 12:33 PM Flag

    Stock Uptick

    Does anybody have any insight into why this stock has recently turned up after being stagnent for soooo very long???

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    • Because this stock is not heabily traded you will see some strange movements in the price. For example this recent run-up
      was due to a brokerage house buying a lot of shares in a very stupid way, they just dumped a 100k buy on the mnarket and didn't
      stager it, therefore the price shot up to accomidate it. Overall this is a solid buy and I can garauntee you that the management is
      in a very comfortable bussines. They are expanding internally as well as internally with aquisitions. This has been their
      practice for years since Hughes came in as president and they had increased sales at a quick pase considering the industry. A solid
      company with a solid future.

    • You make some excellent points. I would expect,however, that management would acquire additional shares if there was positive expectations over the future.

      The new "plastics" arena seems promising perhaps offering some really innovative ways to use the base materials and make new products. I like that.

      The old base business seems good.

      The real question: What is the long term future? Is this a long-term hold, no real upside potential just moving along or is there some industry consolidation that will swollow it up.

      The stock price moves have long seemed strange. And the price supports on buys are little hard to understand.

      Have you noticed or concerned yourself with these issues?

    • If you will notice all of the insider selling is done on a very consistent and steady basis, not reflecting anything that is
      in the future for the business. Many of the management have large chunks of stock from options and are in no need of any more
      shares, you have to remember, a couple years basck this stock was only a couple bucks and now the management is doing well with the
      ir large positions with no need to buy more even if they know the future is good. This correction we are seeing is long awaited
      and needed to bring this up to the proper valuation. If they beat their estimates this quarter lok for the stock to move up to
      the 18$ range

    • I agree with your statements. Perhaps you can explain why there has been no insider purchases at all. Only sales.

      Do you have any explanation for the strange movements in price? Is there some quiet acquisition going on in a consolidation move?

      What would account for the most recent uptick?

      Thoughts would be helpful.


    • I think the polymer acquisitions announced on 11/24 were huge. It will allow ACOL to increase capacity and eventually market share. The world will always need kitty litter and baby diapers.