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  • acowoman acowoman Apr 10, 2000 7:25 AM Flag

    Where's my freakin' $14 check?

    Despite taking 2.5 million shares out the stock is not going anywhere?

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    • From what can be interpreted only from the market
      price of the stock, it appears to be the wall street
      perception that the future after the partial liquidation is
      a group of businesses that management has not run
      well consistently over an extended time frame. But,
      therein lies the opportunity for investment profit. It
      will be The challange of the management of the
      remaining business to change this perception. To the extent
      that they are able to run these businesses well on a
      consistent and sustained basis over time, they will slowly
      change the current perception on wall street and improve
      the value to shareholders significantly. Initial
      signs seem to indicate that they are trying hard. The
      write offs and the share buy backs appear to be efforts
      to get the post liquidation company ready to

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      • Its nice to know that they are getting "things in
        order" ... but I question why they didn't do these
        "things" before they were absolutely needed? The
        management only performs when under duress?

        the sale of Chemdal, isn't the same management in
        place? What will they do differently that will turn
        these "underperforming" divisions around that they
        didn't or couldn't do before?

        I think this is a
        great time to sell off all of the divisions and fold
        the company.