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  • GoldNameBadge GoldNameBadge Feb 4, 1999 8:44 AM Flag

    I did DD on RDC at a friend's....

    reccomendation. She was considering buying just
    because she thinks the stock is too too

    Before I finished, I called her and told her to buy and
    called my broker and bought 1000 shares at 8 15/16.

    Since I'm retired, i don't actively trade, but this was
    too good to pass over.

    One of the things I
    consider a great positive is all the analysts and writers
    that I follow who think Mr. Palmer is such a great

    Good Luck All.

    I'll check back here between
    backpacking trips, etc.

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    • That makes the 2nd one in a relatively short
      time. WSJ reported on a recent meeting of independent
      petroleum investment analysis
      firms. Think it was the
      2/8 issue. One comment struck me and thought it worth
      passing along on the board. When asked about his outlook
      for crude, Sanford Margoshes (oil analyst at Loeb
      Ptnrs.) said, "It's clear to me we've seen the bottom. I
      think we're going to average between $14 & $15 WTI."

      Will have to pull that journel date when I get a
      chance and read the rest. Have a nice


    • Just read today in the current issue of Barrons
      that there is going to be a Conference in New York
      this coming Thrusday involving Security Analysis and
      representatives of the oil service companies. Rowan is going to
      be included. This conference is to discuss the
      future of the oil service sector.

    • Took 2 different roads to get here but we do seem
      to share some of the same stocks and the LT
      mentality it'll take to make any real money.

      introduced to "the patch" when I was a broker with one of
      the big Wall Street firms from 1976-82. Was in a
      northern Pennsylvania office but energy and technology was
      the core of the market then. After the big bear got
      me in 1981-82, a retired PE (an old Oklahoma mud
      engineer) took me under his wing and showed me how to
      invest in this industry during the 86' bust. Also
      encouraged me to learn more about field

      My degree wasn't in Geology or Engineering so I read
      as much of the practical stuff as I could get from
      the U of Texas at Austin Petroleum Extension Service,
      and other sources. Just bought the books and read em.
      Then residing in S. Illinois, did some sub-surface
      mapping and put together a few small drilling and
      washdown/recompletion prospects. Trouble is they need $25 crude to show
      a good risk/reward ratio. Til then, I'm here and in
      VRC, VTS, GIFI, & RON. Plus, watching a few

      Are you guys fully invested or just averaging in?
      Where are you located? I'm just outside Columbus,



    • I'm a petroleum geologist currently doing some
      consulting work. I also do a little environmental and
      engineering geology. I'm buying these value stocks with the
      same time horizon. My portfolio has its largest
      positions in RDC and FGI with secondary positions in UTI,
      BR, and ARC. Good luck to you and to all RDC
      shareholders. geospar

    • I have done (and occasionally still do a little)
      consulting for the oil industry in the North Sea. I do more
      environmental and hydrogeological consulting at the present
      time, but may go back into the oil sector if things
      pick up again soon.

      My current holdings in the
      energy sector are OII, RDC, VRC, RIG, KEG, APA, and
      VGCO. Some of these are somewhat speculative, but I'm
      convinced the sector offers tremedous value now as the oil
      glut will not last forever. If you can hold for 1-3
      years you will be amply rewarded. Paitenece is the

      Best wishes

    • And so do you and I, good buddy. Am long and patient. Cheers.

      Isopatch, the steadfast stockmeister.

    • We all know Rowan is greatly
      and will pop huge when the oil market

      They bought back 4m+ shares and have 140m in
      I read the Rowan repts...suggest you call them and
      get a copy..
      all we can do is wait...
      this is
      an investment---as sure as the stock market

    • Just on the outskirts of metro-Columbus, Ohio.
      Yesterday, was in a soccer T-shirt walking the pooch and it
      was 73 degrees. Today, there's an inch of wet snow in
      the yard and its 34! Weather's like the market, can't
      make up its damn mind.


    • So what was the reason for the pop up to $10 last week??

      Any comments?

    • Where you been, man? Still got a job? Half my neighbors have been laid off (BP AMOCO and HAL/dresser fallout).

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