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  • RickM352 RickM352 Aug 20, 2007 9:36 AM Flag

    hey bj......

    i am so confused. is it up in an up market or down in an up market?

    please help me out on that one....please.

    i can tell by everyone's response to your posts that you really know what you're talkin about.

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    • dennis is over on the pphm board, desperately trying to get some attention. everyone is ignoring him today.

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      • >>dennis is over on the pphm board, desperately trying to get some attention. everyone is ignoring him today.<<

        maybe the pphm posters are on to something. im trying to get an idea if "dennis" really knows anything about the co he is pumping or if he hasn't got the first clue. I know he already admitted sometrimes he doesnt REALLY buy the stock hes pumping he mnakes pretend make believe "contests" but maybe thats true for all? lets see

        "dennis" what does dgii do?

      • hey's not the feeliings that get hurt, she has none, remember? [ narcissism ]. it's her ego that doesn't like being bruised.

        i'll bet those are fake laughs.

        i can't believe anyone can laugh that much.
        oh wait, check this out.

        American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

        Angelman syndrome is a neurogenetic disorder associated with unique behaviors and characteristics, including an unusually happy expression, inability to speak, ataxia, mental retardation, and abnormal EEG. Previous research has suggested that smiling and laughing behaviors in Angelman syndrome are inappropriate, excessive, and dissociated from contextual events. In the present study, the variability of smiling and laughing behaviors of 3 individuals with Angelman syndrome was examined across typical social contexts. Results indicate that laughing and smiling increased during social situations and occurred at low levels during non-social situations. The behaviors, therefore, did not occur totally inappropriately, as has been suggested. The findings illustrate the need to divert attention to the examination of environmental influences on purported phenotypic behavior in genetic syndromes.

        I knew it! she has multiple personalities. that's the reason for all the different id's. I just knew it! or maybe just multiple mental disorders. narcissism and angelman syndrome, and who knows how many more.
        hey bj, do your sides really hurt a lot from laughing so much? wow. must be a bitch. i'll bet she's got some vicodin in that crammed medicine cabinet. ya know, come to think of it, she does kinda brighten things up a little. i think i'll nickname her "sunshine". let me clear my throat....aahemm. here goes. "you light up my life", da da da da. i forgot the rest of the words to the song. hey bj, keep up the good work. the "multiple" boards you visit could sure use some laughter during the rough times in this weired and coo-coo market. HAHAHAHA ROTFLMFAO. we're with ya babes, all the way. HAHAHAHA....LOLOLOLOLOL

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