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  • concrete_charley concrete_charley Mar 9, 2000 3:51 PM Flag

    Strong hands hold this stock. When's

    lockup over? Six months?

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    • a short term hit but in a year, it will seem like a slight bump in the road. It's the NUMBER of shares you hold that will make you money here. We may need a little patience on the way though.

    • better_to_pick_with_darts better_to_pick_with_darts Mar 13, 2000 10:48 PM Flag

      The 6000 has proven to be exactly what our
      company needed. I am not an expert on the MCK line or on
      telecom in general - (a consultant bought and installed
      the box for us). However, I can tell you that the
      6000 was a perfect fit because of it's multiuser
      capability. There were six people in the remote office and
      the 6000 we purchased allows for up to eight voice
      connections. It appears that the 3000 is more for single user
      situations ... but I may be wrong.

      Tech Support
      update: The morning after I posted my first tech support
      update, I received a follow-up so that a replacement box
      could be be sent out. It could have been coincidence,
      but it almost makes me think they may have someone
      that reads this board. Nothing wrong with that - shows
      they are interested in what investors (even us little
      guys) have to say about their company. Keep in mind
      that I was up and running without the replacement
      since there were only 1-2 ports that I suspected to be
      bad. I repeat that overall the tech support experience
      was a very positive one and led me to believe that
      they care about their customers. Read my previous post
      for more details.

      If you have read this far
      then answer this question for me: How does a company
      with many remote locations successfully implement this
      product? Take for instance the recent release where they
      had a company that was planning to implement this
      product in 160 branch offices and tie them back to a
      central PBX. I believe this company was a stock broker
      company. Question #1: Are they going to have to stack 160
      of these boxes at their data center and feed each of
      them into their PBX? Question #2: How does that affect
      formerly local calls made out of their branch office to
      local clients. Say for instance that a branch office is
      in Houston but the data center is in Dallas. That
      means that any calls that the Houston office makes to
      local clients would really be LD calls. Would this
      actually work ... especially in sitations where workers
      would be logging many, many, hours on the phone??

      Enough talk about the company - what about the stock? If
      it had risen this high over a three-year period I
      would not even consider taking some profits. But this
      kind of rise on no news and with the supply about to
      be doubled it sure is tempting to walk away. I wish
      Robertson would give a comment on why they support this
      move and how they expect it to benefit the


    • better_to_pick_with_darts better_to_pick_with_darts Mar 10, 2000 9:20 AM Flag

      Well it looks like it is here!! Just saw the news
      (alert only) on Yahoo this morning. According to the IPO
      prospectus (believe it or not I actually tried reading
      through it!!) this can only be done after six months from
      the original offering unless (Robertson Stephens,
      etc. approves). So I suspect this won't happen until
      late April. If they did approve anything earlier, then
      you would have to think RS would only be doing
      something to benefit long-term since they hold (or at least
      held) 1/3 of the outstanding 3.8 Mil.

      concerns??: I guess you can't really have any earnings
      dilution when you are at zero earnings? Float
      considerations: probably really good timing since we have gotten
      to ride this thing up on very thin float and with
      these extra shares it should take a little more selling
      to push it down. I still would not be surprised to
      see a short-term hit if anyone is actually willing to
      part with their shares!


    • Overall how do you find the 6000 (feature wise,
      capability wise, etc.)? I was thinking of picking up one of
      the MCK boxes for our office...not sure if I would
      get the 6000 or one of the 3000 series. What made you
      decide on the 6000? Anyway, glad to see an investor
      using a unit. It's always best when you can pick up
      valuable info on the boards...that's the stuff that leads
      to buying and holding, DD of your own and valuable
      company/product info, not some turkey posting MCKC to 300...MCKC
      the next RMBS...etcetcetc. Keep up the good

      Long and strong NTAP, MCKC, ASPX.


    • doing this large volume last minute buys the last two days, 63k yesterday and 53k today?