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  • norris_3845 norris_3845 Feb 16, 2010 10:00 AM Flag


    now that global warming has been revealed as a con, it is obvious that momentum for global warming, etc. is reversing. This is very good for ARLP longterm. I expect to see enthusiasm for coal fired plants to return.

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    • I only took one year of meteorology (too much science - biology/chemistry, and needed 3 credits) and believe me all that's in the news is just as "tainted" as it oversimplifies and extremely complex group of related issues (a few people at the "top" own the news - look at Dow Jones Publications for example - WSJ, MarketEdge, Barrons and more and affiliated with here and globally with most all major outlets).

      (someone is making money on both sides of the "issue" and there are powerful forces behind this "news")

      My point is - it is an extremely complicated (and difficult) science and more importantly our weather patterns (which affect water patterns, btw) involve many factors - shift one it impacts all others.... An example - in the Caribbean, children were being affected by a "new" type of asthma... a woman scientist finally figured it out (this is older news and going by memory). There was desertification going on across the globe, some toxic bacteria was going into the upper air patterns, traveling around the world and was dumped into this regions oceans, causing corals to be affected (dying off) which released a toxic substance into the air which "rained" down and created this asthma.

      There are trees in certain regions due to changes in weather and other conditions (ie co2, oxygen, acid/alkaline components and more) that instead of up-taking co2 and giving off oxygen during the day, are in "reverse" - uptaking oxygen, while releasing co2 (and dying in the process since co2 is a key component of their photosynthesis)... (complicated but interesting).

      There are normal cycles and MHO we humans influence nature and "accelerate" normal cycles. Since I have raised fish for over 45 years I can tell you dire things are happening both in our river systems and oceans. Species (including amphibian) are going extinct at alarming rates...(some fish, frogs are being born with two head and other deformities.) (acid "rains" acid rivers, water bodies create dead systems) Over 40% of species here in America's rivers and in Oceans globally went "extinct" during the last ten years.

      My point is... no policy now or probably in the near future is going to adequately address this extremely complex set of issue - and humans seem to only change behavior patterns when situations reach extreme levels (witness the recent economic events).

      Recycling your plastic bags while dumping drano and other toxic products into the water systems does not create a "green" activity. (and having studied sewage systems during my first degree, I know these substances are in our water systems as our treatment plants for the most part are light years behind other countries such as Japan's).

      So, long way to say, still in ARLP, and plan to be as long as the company delivers great results.

      I keep an eye on the "other" issues but am not concerned as to how they affect ARLP's stock price... any change that would be forthcoming based on any interpretation of what is actually occurring will take years and decades MHO, for policies to be put into place (too little too late is my opinion as well).

    • Don't bet on it. We still have three more years of Obama to content with.

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