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  • hal49090 hal49090 Mar 24, 2011 12:53 PM Flag

    Split ?

    My 2 cents worth.........

    A split is indeed nothing. should marginally increase demand from small investors who may not otherwise take a position in the company.

    Many small investors (I consider myself one of them)hesitate to buy 100 shares of an $80 stock but might if it were only $40.

    I know,I know, they could buy 50 shares of the higher priced issues but still it doesn't feel the same, it feels like less of a commitment.

    My opinion is that a split would help but certainly other factors will affect the actual price behavior.

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    • Feel the same??? Feelings should be left out of any market decision. When I started ages ago - I bought 5 shares of this, then upped to 25, later 50, hundreds so on... as my profits grew. I went by percent which is the only way to look at things. I was in small caps that grew and my positions were up to 80 percent gains often.

      Point was I was a super small fry and started with what I had - as it grew I was able to buy more of a position but having read up greatly (from others reading list of books) I knew the percent was what matter not the share amount.

      The ONE good thing about a possible (and to me pointless to question what if) split is that it might make the stock price less volatile - but with the computer trading systems these days most likely not.

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