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  • jrad52 jrad52 Mar 30, 2011 7:55 AM Flag

    OT - new TV show anout coal miners

    I read that Spike TV has a new work/reality show starting tonight called Coal, about coal miners in West VA. The review I read made the coal mining part sound interesting (how they do the underground mining, not the strip mining stuff). Also how they scramble when unannounced safety inspections are done. I think I might skip the personal life part (I guess this is also typical of other work/reality shows). Anyway, FWIW.

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    • Caught part of the show the other night when flipping channels. Gave some real appreciation for the hard and dangerous work these people do.

    • Probably bashes the industry which just happens to heat and cool most of the WORLD.

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      • I watched a 14 minute preview online. The coal company they tracked was a $ 4 million startup, with a 30-day period to make or break the company. I'm guessing they made it past the 30 days, since the show has to go on for the season. It'll give people the idea that coal companies are really mom and pop operations, with not much safety.

        It was interesting to see the equipment (Joy Global's, I think), but I think they picked the miners from Central casting for Beverly Hillbillies types. They are probably all nice people, but this was the first time I saw English subtitles on a show where the people were speaking English. I couldn't understand half of what they said.

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