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  • richh.creditworthy richh.creditworthy Mar 27, 2012 1:43 PM Flag

    EPA and Coal

    I just listened to Fox news and heard that the EPA is stopping Utilities from using coal for new plants. Actually, they can probably build but the plant has to cut ommisions by 50% and that is not possible at this point in time. Thus, the EPA is basically shutting down coal from being used in new plants.

    How will this effect coal and Alliance Resource partners and other companies involved with coal?

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    • I have a vision on how "this" will effect industry and quality of life in general. I am encouraging my grand children to seek government employ so they can work for the energy czar, the EPA czar etc. This way they will be able to keep their primary homes and their dachas at a reasonable comfort level (65 winter, 75 summer) without continuously feeding their credit cards in the energy meter.

    • Crap! I just sold all mine too - I still made money since I have held ARLP for 10 years or so. But considerably less than perhaps 2-3 weeks ago. Guess I'll vote Republican for sure this November.

    • This was in the works for ages and went through yesterday (or Monday not sure) but heard on bloomberg radio (over night) always a way to get news earlier.

      Seeking Alpha article has some great responses esp from engineer. (which supports the research I did a while back) and depends on if Republican in office (Bush allowed fracking with no enforcement or requirement of any EPA and other safety standards (clean air, water, and superfund ie companies are not required to "clean up their toxic mess" unfortunately and no environmental impact (as it is highly toxic manner to extract gas and who knows the future once it becomes more and more obvious)...


      Full disclosure - I sold the remaining half of my ARLP (holding underwater on sister co AHGP (was to have been a trade) but sold original position near old high - had bought long ago - so will hold and double down and if recovers sale part to original)....

      I think this is an EXCELLENT company with super management who plan to stay in the business (why else as well buy another company - even if it is in the basin area - can't wait for next cc - that will tell much about their future plans - and one can go back historically over time to see how various situations impacted their earnings but recently all time high - who truly knows.

      So I will buy back in only based on TA - those LONG candles mean most likely (to be confirmed ta is not predictive) a day or more down - time will tell. I was just to close to my 3rd buy in and don't' like red!!!

      As well went on streamer - (see "live" trades) and lots of somebody buying up chunks of shares.

      Best to all in their decisions.

      Have to get back to crating art (ugh)but will do ta later and more dd on news - (but already had so reason I didn't sell earlier - ta only as I think I can buy lower and maybe below my 3rd buy in pt).

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      • Meant to say -

        Sold - only based on TA (not original post) (I had decided to continue to hold yesterday - as the news - to me at least - was already out - guess not, lol. So when I saw the candlestick - along with volume so on (again always up early before market but was up at five and taking wood apart - my oops but no big deal in longer term view mho.)

        One esp on streamer (along with the live charts) starts to see the turn (market maker) and just after the last "hover" to highs at opening and then the tanking begins... (to me at least it's actually amazing to watch - both ways and one can learn a lot - before AT changed the streamer you could see without "real" level two (as in a true Bloomberg terminal) where the big boys got in or out.

        <<So I will buy back in only based on TA - those LONG candles mean most likely (to be confirmed ta is not predictive) a day or more down - time will tell. I was just to close to my 3rd buy in and don't' like red!!!>>

    • 93% of ARLPs sales are to electric utilities whos power plants meet current EPA standards.Not an issue for us.

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