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  • wareham2620 wareham2620 Nov 10, 2012 2:18 AM Flag

    Entire Years Distribution Gone At Opening Bell

    Common sense told me the H.N.I.C. would not be in office another 4 years.However, those people without a criminal record voted him in again. I can't vote but a druggy can be the president of the USA.

    So now we can tell our children to stay away from cocaine and other drugs....They can tell us,why not we would like to be president someday.

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    • dearest bigot Wareham: remember Bush Jr ? the big coke snorting drunk in his younger days, when he couldn't find oil in texas? I hope you are happy you voted for him and the huge deficit he created by tax cuts, spending increases, unfunded wars, etc

      anyways the days of old racist grumpy white guys like you controlling US politics is thankfully coming to and end, due to the changing demographics of america

      look an intrade, they were signaling romney's loss onths before the election. You might want to imcorporate "reality" into your "common sense"

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      • Racist..Call it what you like.I heard another black man call Obama the H.N.I.C.

        There are good and bad in all races.Most people would like something for nothing and that is who voted Obama in.However, there are more blacks that want things for nothing looking at it percentage wise.How do I come up with that ?There are only 12.6 % blacks and 72.4 % whites in America .However, there are more blacks in our prisons.Why ? They,most of them, want everything for nothing. When Obama is done taking from the rich .Who will the government take it from next ? You and I ,and then our children .The rich will not pay the tax anyway .We will ,as they are the business men of America and will pass that cost down to us the consumers,that's you and I.Well, white or black have a good day,

        Race / Ethnicity

        White or European American 223,553,265 72.4 %
        Black or African American 38,929,319 12.6 %


        June 28, 2007 NCJ 217675
        Presents data on prison and jail inmates collected from National Prisoner Statistics counts and the Annual Survey of Jails, 2006. This annual report provides the number of inmates and the overall incarceration rate per 100,000 residents for each State and the Federal system. It offers trends since 2000 and percentage changes in prison populations since midyear and yearend 2005. The midyear report presents the number of prison inmates held in private facilities, the number of prisoners under 18 years of age held by State correctional authorities, and the number of noncitizen prisoners. It includes total numbers for prison and jail inmates by gender, race, and Hispanic origin as well as counts of jail inmates by conviction status and confinement status. The report also provides findings on rated capacity of local jails, percent of capacity occupied, and capacity added.

        Oh ,I didn't like Bush either.No need for his war.However, he didn't try to get votes by telling the young people he did drugs.

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