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  • aud802009 aud802009 Apr 8, 2013 8:06 PM Flag

    ever hear of the EPA???

    most utilities are making the switch from coal because of the costly upgrades they will have to make to make their business conform to the new EPA pollution laws. tell me how your great management is going to deal with this???? the coal industry will be depressed for a long time.

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    • Yeah, but too bad your 'thinking' is 18 months behind everyone else.

    • 009
      To bad you don't own one of the best run companies in the world ARLP is world class.
      I'm up over 35% in just a few short months, and they pay a great dividend too.
      Go sell you EPA #$%$ somewhere else!!
      Maybe you and Jane Fonda can hold hands in the red wood forest!!
      You can smoke as little pot with her too; and then right a bad month your country speech!
      Your on "Ignore"!!!!!!!
      Good luck to all longs!!

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    • Do more serious research - (been in ARLP/AHGP for many many years) ARLP (AHGP) way ahead of the curve - why management is THE best. (while you are at it do some dd on coal types)

    • robertrudner Apr 13, 2013 4:01 PM Flag

      you must want to buy the stock cheap byn your remarks. why dont sell the paltry shares you have rudner

    • The rapidly growing economies of China and Asia use coal. Further they have rational energy policies to move natural gas into surface fuel displacing the oil in gasoline. Further they have ordered the phase out of food based ethanol insanity in favor of methanol. Which over comes the lack of infrastructure to use natural gas directly in the short term.

      Also, the co2 recycling technology for natural gas methanol production is already in commercial use. The coal co2 streams are not as clean so more difficult to utilize but there is true economic along with policy incentive to achieve practical application in a few years.

      Europe is made itself an increasing irrelevant has been with all its pagan worship of quack environmental theology they label 'science'.

      Asia will continue to use more and more coal as it is the cheapest source. Something Obama and our delusional environmentalists have caused.

      Poly-generation with coal is the answer if you are rational and believe in the Global Warming religion.

      Coal is not going away no matter what foolish and delusional policies Obama/Progressives impose on us.

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