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  • How_did_that_happen How_did_that_happen Aug 5, 2008 9:55 PM Flag

    Ferro had a good quarter - finally

    How many years since Ferro had a good quarter - only heaven knows.

    Electronics materials saving Ferro now. How lomg will it continue? Will Ferro be bought out soon by Dow now that Dow people are running it?

    The stock should move up a couple of dollars soon.

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    • If Electronic Materials is saving Ferro now, keep in mind that the guy running that comes from Honeywell, not Dow.

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      • "keep in mind that the guy running that comes from Honeywell, not Dow. "

        There are 8 people in the management team at Ferro. Eliminating the General Counsel and Human Resources, we have 6 main shakers and movers. Three of them are from Dow.

        One of them has Dow and Ballard in his background just like the CEO, Kirsch. What is the chance of that happening by random chance? Not one in a million.

        If this does not smell of crony governance, then your olfactory organs are not functioning.

        And Ferro has nearly 6300 employees. Why no long term Ferro employee has been promoted to a management position? You all long term employees at Ferro are morons who cannot compete with people with undergraduate degrees in marketing from Ohio State or Chemical Engineering from Mississippi State. Just bow to the guys from Dow. And don't mind the smell.

        As for the Electronics Vice President, Russell who hails from Honeywell - he can thank his lucky stars that solar energy spending is skyrocketing given high energy costs. So his success is more fortuitous than earned.

        Hey, how about hiring a guy from Dow to write some PRs. Or, better yet, sell the company to Dow.

    • Ferro has the best quarter in years and the stock goes down more than 5%.

      Can Ferro PR staff write a proper earnings release or not?

      There was no mention of record revenues or profits in the earnings release PR. Why not?

      And why does Ferro have the same guy be the chairman of the board and the CEO too. We all know what happened when such power was vested in Hector Ortino and how the stock rose 20% on the day of his demise.

      So why the mistake in putting all your leadership eggs in one basket. Do we need another dictator to run this company?

      And his educational qualifications are underwhelming to say the least:

      "Mr. Kirsch received a bachelor’s degree in marketing from The Ohio State University."

      Mr Ortino also just had an undergraduate degree in accounting from Argentina.

      Apparently, Mr Kirsch shares Mr Ortino's passion for acquiring titles:

      "James F. Kirsch
      Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer"

      In any case, Mr. Kirsch, you have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory this quarter by not playing up the record revenues and record operating profits before charges. Did they not teach you how to write PRs in your undergraduate class at Ohio State? Or you want to keep the stock price low so that Ferro can be more easily acquired?

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