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  • culleyjc52 culleyjc52 Feb 8, 2013 6:26 AM Flag

    One question to Diamondcutter

    With the street, including Credit Suisse, being sceptical in current management's abilty to turn this company around. I have doubts in further hold this stock, as it may take away my recent gains.

    I am quite disturbed that they sold the paste business without giving details.

    The paste business was draining cash, but also may have been a drain due to poor management, I can assure you the buying company will profit with the aquisition. I am concerned when they release results and conference call will a disappoint. I like the company, but think thiecurrent price will adjust downward at earnings and perhaps may be good to sell now and buy back after the call.

    You have said you are a pro, I too am an Invester Banker and would appreciate your thoughts.

    Sentiment: Hold

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    • Let's chat about a couple of things.

      I am a retired IB, therefore I now and then reveal short and distort campaigns on message boards.
      If you are a current IB, what are you doing posting on a message board? Can you say huge compliance issue?
      In another post you stated, "you couldn't tell if FOE was under accumulation". Seriously, if you are an IB you would be able to tell that quite pulling the AD chart on just about any charting based program.....Let me help you, the equity under accumulation has increased from a negative -16MM to a negative -6MM Accumulation or a net Positive accumulation of 10MM shares since December 31st, 2013. The total shares outstanding are oversubscribed by 17% and the total short off NASDAQ and NYSE reported through daily regSHO is close to 14MM shares that need to cover as the equity is performing a Fibonnacci Retrace with a triple Golden Cross Occurring on the 20-50-100 day averages.
      You reference the one negative from the Credit S. Report regarding management but none of the positives or the upgrade or higher price target.

      Have you even bothered to figure out the new book value and forward EPS for the next four years? The Paste business sell off is about time and it doesn't matter if they gave it away, they can take the carry forward tax loss with a credit and they have freed up EPS and positive cash flow. Two Hedges now looking to take a proxy to the shareholders to can management? This is a perfect storm and all positive.

      Will it back up? Probably here and there with the market. Nothing goes straight up or up every day. Trend line puts her well into the double digits 14 months out. Bollinger bands tightening back up. You do know how to chart? Not sure I have ever heard of an IB soliciting an opinion on a YMB?

      Seriously? Your an IB? Swing by the office anytime. I quite enjoy white boarding.

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