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  • nomorehomes nomorehomes May 6, 2010 9:17 AM Flag

    WTF - Total going to zero?

    Thought I had everything figured in:

    Euro - check
    Iran - check
    Jet Fuel - check
    French company - check
    Capex - check
    Refinery job cut limitations - check

    Guess the best laid plans don't pan out sometimes

    Cut and run or no worries is the only question now.

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    • Not if you direct your trades yourself.

    • wallacecarr May 6, 2010 2:30 PM Flag

      Not like the front running big boys, they hide behind the label "high speed traders." but that is only part of the truth, they also get OUR buy/sell orders in advance so they can buy in front of us, then turn around in the same micro second and sell to us at a higher price than would have existed without their fore knowledge and high speed trading. Did you know they get to jump into the execution line in FRONT of us? It is out right theft, and we should hang the fat cats as thieves.

    • Besides euro getting pounded oil is dropping like a rock....I would sell above $50 and wait till $20's...Yield will be much higher as well....good luck my happy azz got out last yr..

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      • Quantitative easing = oil goes up based on that alone.

        I will stick with my game plan.

        Sold BP and went short above 56 and dumped it in TOT.

        BP is a better company but now the BAR will be pickpocketing them for the next 100 years. BP is up on all the lawyer class action websites like a ginormous bullseye.

        Every ambulance chaser, gov't agency and slacker will be filing their lottery ticket against BP in addition to the legit claims.

        BP will have to hire almost every lawyer in the world just to dig through all the BS cases.

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