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  • ousaouparis ousaouparis Mar 5, 2011 3:01 PM Flag


    TOT is a foreign company. The French take a dividend tax. I think it is 20%.
    Not worth missing with foreign company.

    I learned from buying STO, last year. Not worth it.

    I do not want to pay taxes, and I do not pay taxes. I day trade from my IRA. It has restrictions, but no TAXES, until I have distributions.

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    • 1) France takes 25% of the dividend unless a U.S. citizen in which case it is 15%
      2) The 15% or 25% can be used as foreign tax credit on your 1040. If your charged 15% its a wash in that France gets the 15% instead of Uncle Sam.
      3) If TOT in IRA then you lose the 15 or 25% as don't report IRA transactions.
      Now How do you get charged 15% instead of 25%
      1) With E*Trade they have relationship with market maker and 15% automatic for ALL account types (self, IRA, Corp.)
      2) With Wachovia Brokerage need to supply them with an IRS certification form 6166
      in which you get up to 30 worldwide certs for $35.
      3) Scotttrade and TD Ameritrade don't want to deal with a 6166 so lose 25% of dividend but maybe get it all back through 1040 process; but NOT IRA

    • [ousaouparis] > I do not want to pay taxes, and I do not pay taxes.

      Since the IRS is quite good about collecting taxes on profits, saying "I do not pay taxes" is EQUIVALENT to saying "I HAVE NOT MADE A PROFIT".

      Not something I'd be particularly proud of, but hey, to each his own...

      DeeDee Z.

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