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  • tennesseedog tennesseedog Jan 23, 2005 3:30 PM Flag


    The long time mower maker murray in lawrenceburg will be closing in the near future were the unemployment rate will sore to 30% when the plant shuts!! This is a perfect exsample of forein companies taking over companies and running them in to bankruptcy some day this country is going to have to stop this or this country will be no more!!!!!!!!!!

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    • As you know, those of us with Murray can only speculate but since we're experiencing it firsthand, it does give us some insight to management's signals.

      The L-burg plant is a liability make no mistake of it. It's an EPA nightmare waiting to happen and B&S surely doesn't want to inheret litigation that would soon to follow. Believe me, I wish I was a fly on the wall at one of Brigg's high level meetings to find out about their thought process but we're told nothing. The only cues coming from Murray's management is to get out. This says volumes for our future with Murray.

      The Lawrenceburg plant has no hope of staying open long term. This should come to no surprise to anyone. What's in store for the future of Murray is everyone's guess. Wish we knew the plan. Maybe Briggs doesn't even know the plan.

    • From the terms of purchase agreement there is nothing I saw that would prevent B&G from shuting down operations before the 18 months is up. Guess it all depends on business prospects. Also, there is nothing to keep B&G from selling all that they buy to a third party. But, if the probalaems are as bad as you sa then it seems that no one may want the plants. In such a case the work would be transfered else where or subcontracted to a third party. In that case your right that B&G may only be interested in the name and trademarks and of course supplying the4 engins to whoever ends up making the mowers, etc. Hearing scheduled for the 31st. Should know more after that.

    • Dear Dog

      Maybe the loss of business to competitors will inspire us to go to schools which do not promote folks until they learn to spell correctly and use proper grammar. You could use some "no child left behind" instruction - my hope and prayer is you and the rest of those losing jobs to outsourcing will "get it."

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      • eiucpag -- I wish you would expound on your views because I'd be interested to hear them.

        It's ironic how we change our views on unemployment when we become one of them. Believe me, it's sad, depressing and scary. Those in the age groups between 45-55 are even more fearful because of the realities of age discrimination. They realize they won't make the same income as they do now and it'll take much longer to find permanent employment than it will for their younger counterparts.

        To many people on this board who are either rich, employed, or both, unemployment is nothing more than a mere statistic. To those who are experiencing it first hand, it's much more because it effects both our health and families.

        God bless to all the Murray employees in hopes that the Lord watches over them during these tough economic times.

      • Ha did i spell kiss my ass correct , jobs being lost is not a subject to make fun about . Old buddy it could be you next!!!!!!!!!!!!

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