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  • commonsenseinvestor commonsenseinvestor Nov 12, 1998 10:26 AM Flag

    Take another look:

    A good time to sell.

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    • If this is the one I am thinking of . . . one
      word comes to mind . . cost $$$. There are many nice
      engine designs out there but their price per HP is high.
      I saw a video on an engine like the one you
      describe. It was being developed in Austrailia. Had some
      good efficiencies, but had a lot more high toleranced
      moving parts than a traditional internal combustion
      engine. The applications I can see for an engine of this
      design would be for military apps, or perhaps large
      powerplant apps, if the reliability can be proven.
      Commercial application for this type of engine would be nil.
      Mikegyver has spoken.

    • Does anyone on this thread know anything about
      the rand cam engine. It is a rotary engine that uses
      vanes that slide axially through a rotor (6, 8, 12 or
      16 vanes).The two cams are phased so that the
      shallowest poit on one trough corresponds to the deepest on
      the other. It uses ports for intake and exhaust. In
      the 12vane configuration it is suppose to produce 24
      power impulses per revolution. Anyway any input on this
      thing good or bad I would appreciate!

    • Reported on Bloomberg Insiders, chairman Stratton
      and a VP sold over 80m shares in Nov. check the
      chart, its a triple top. Last Nov, after hiting mid 50's
      stock tanked. Is it headed down again in the spring
      like last year. Second Q in trouble with poor winter
      engine sales and fear of recession in the spring?

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