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  • staggman99 staggman99 Apr 15, 2014 10:20 AM Flag


    Board members...STAG (yield about 5.2%) is now my second leading portfolio gainer behind SFL and it is closing the gap very fast...this is so weird, I bought STAG because I liked the name of it, lol (how is that for research, ???)...

    That said, Cramer bashed SDRL (yield almost 12%) on his show last night, but it is still up again today...Cramer said the off-shore drilling industry is weaker (and he is correct) ...however, SDRL is different and leading the charge forward in the off-shore drilling industry (my opinion)...! This is another good day in the markets for me and I am looking forward to a lot more dividends 'very soon'...! $tagg...!

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    • update (04/18/14)...STAG (yield about 'a poor' 5.2% and pays monthly) is now up 23.8% YTD in Total Returns and I don't have a clue why it is doing so good (???)...! $tagg...!

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      • Stag, let me offer some insights into the performance of STAG. The property REIT sector took a drubbing in the financial crisis because many companies got overextended and because as the recession took hold, businesses cut back on their need for space and property valuations suffered. Industrial and property REITs benefit when the economy improves as businesses need more space and increased demand forces rents up. So property REITs get more rent which improves both their income statement and the valuation of their properties. Companies that are the size of STAG can really benefit as they acquire properties because it doesn't take much to move the needle. Plus, as the economy seems to improve, investors shift out of interest sensitive stocks (like mREITs where a growng economy may jeopardize spreads and lead to declining distributions) to stocks that benefit from a growing economy such as property REITS that are increasing their dividends. This is another argument why it's not the absolute yield that determines a stock's performance, but the trend.
        All of that being said, Wells Fargo had a huge report on all the different property REIT sectors with different valuation metrics in comparison to past years. Many of these companies are not cheap by comparison to previous years and are in fact near previous tops based on several different charts. This doesn't mean that the stocks are sells as they may continue to show dividend and earnings increases (e.g. more of the stock's future total return may come from dividends instead of stock price gains).

    • HURRAY for STAGG

      I got the message -- bought MLPL at $57.13.!! so there.

      Yes, J Cramer bashed SDRL for the second time as he thinks industry is week ; He said don't buy!
      Gold got killed today--My GGN an AUY are creamed.. and FCX is dead money.........
      Sold 1/2 of T position the remainder -- I sold covered sept $36 calls--lets see
      Also bought some BX looking good so far, pays 4.5% good possibility of price appreciation.
      Looking at HIX, BDCL, OXM
      Peace to all--comments are warranted.

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      • sarge,
        Cramer has his head up his hinder on the drilling industry, same way he showed himself to be clueless on crude tankers, recommending NAT all the time it and the whole segment was going south.
        Do you still have KMI? The transcript bottom line is why on earth would I not want to have this stock for the long term? The expansion midstream infrastructure to serve the domestic oil and gas industry is going to extend for more than a generation. KMI has so many good options to continue to be big player.

        Anyone watching Golar? Total return 33% YTD.

      • sarge...things 'can change very fast', as I can post a message and it may be 'out of date' ten minutes, it looks like there may be 'War in the Ukraine' and that can have a big effect on different markets...i.e. corn and other grains prices could start a run upward, 'at this time GRU is up' almost 3% today...maybe it had something to do with that Blood Moon last night, lol...! My only holding that is up at this time today is STAG...! The markets are always looking for a reason to go up or down and Ukraine may be the trigger for a bigger market pull-back...! $tagg...!

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