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  • madmax19471952 madmax19471952 Jun 10, 2014 5:13 PM Flag

    AWLCF -- I did not know

    For a value investor always running after some impressive returns while going fishing, Awilco Drilling Plc. Seems an unfamiliar opportunity.
    Comparing this tiny offshore company with the giant Seadrill Ltd. Has an almost strange biblical resonance; the story of David against Goliath all over again?
    Risks are always present in this fluctuating market, especially when we have reached the extreme. However, it is perhaps a unique profitable investment for the next two years.
    The David perspective....

    Awilco Drilling Ltd. Was incorporated in December 2009 when the company acquired two semi-submersible drilling rigs, WilPhoenix (previously Arctic II) and WilHunter (previously Arctic IV).

    The company is registered in England and Wales with its operation based in Aberdeen, Scotland. The Company registered again to a public company on 14 April 2011, under the name Awilco Drilling plc.

    The Awilhelmsen Group is the largest shareholder controlling 48.7% of the shares. Awilco Drilling Plc. Has management agreements in place with Awilco AS (and related companies) for ad-hoc support services.

    Q1 2014 Presentation Oslo, May 14, 2014.

    Fleet analysis.

    1 - Nature:

    Awilco Drilling plc. Owns 2 semi-submersible drilling rigs, the WilPhoenix and the WilHunter. (Click name for specifications.)

    Both rigs were acquired from Transocean Ltd. (RIG) around the end of 2009 (Arctic II and Arctic IV.)

    After the purchase was made the company sent the two semi-submersibles to a shipyard in Gdansk, Poland, to be overhauled and upgraded for the North Sea harsh-environment milieu. The two rigs were successfully upgraded in May of 2011, and returned to their North Sea location after being re-certified.
    This is a buy IMHO
    the article is from SA +++++ a great Dividend

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    • STAGG

      Are you still a believer in this stock AWLCF?
      ON J Cramer show last night he pumped ALLSTATE, ALL, 2% yield, MSN score go 8 and Fidelity Rank 8.2
      Wendy was also pumped---IBD 86--good score MSN 5, Fidelity 6.5 2.4% yield I like this one!!
      He also like MRK and GSK says the drugs got more room to run?
      Sarge thanks in advance

      • 1 Reply to madmax19471952
      • sarge...yes, I am still a believer in AWLCF (yield about 19% after fees), at this time I am up about 18% on it in Total Returns (since 12/22/13)...I also have a core holding in PSEC (yield about13.8%) and I have added more to it on the pull-backs (sometime it pays to keep the faith)...I am only holding 13 stocks at this time and I am in the money on all of them (this is rare, lol)...

        At this time, most of my crops look good (but corn prices are getting weaker) and my investments are doing fine...I still get a lot of dividends each month and I use them to balance out my portfolio...I am still a firm believer in this being a 'Golden Age of Investing' as it is very uncommon to get combination of 'strong yields with the growth' that is available to us at this time...! I have been doing so good lately that I am afraid to change anything...! $tagg...!

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