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  • stinky_perro stinky_perro Mar 5, 2012 11:31 PM Flag

    SEC archives

    I have not found the company's desponse to the letter above urging ESLT to follow SEC reporting rules in its filings.

    Also, have not found any recent company stock repurchase filings? Aren't those acquisitions supposed to be disclosed? It almost seems like the company is propping up the PPS with a few end of the day small purchases. Since they promised ro buy back 1,000,000 shares six months ago, I guess the timing could not be better to purchase those shares in order to keep the PPS from diving. But, how many shares of the 1,000,000 are left to purchase...? Then what? There is going to be no growth anytime soon. Guess the best thing to do for the company is to keep the PPS from diving until the earnings conference when all kinds of empty promises can be made... Good on them for trying to string it along. Fundamentals always win in the end though. IMO it is just a matter of time before the dive.

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