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  • specsit2000 specsit2000 Mar 25, 2011 1:21 PM Flag

    New Long Position in ORN.

    This stock is just too cheap based on fundamentals at this point.

    Small opening position, more to follow if price stays low for awhile.


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    • yeah...valuations look good...I suppose that it's been dropping as the earning's have kept being adjusted downward, over debt...$1 in free cash...good foreward p/e...I'd imagine it's a matter of time...and how the economy does...But certainly one "dog" to own a piece of...and just "put it away"...and cost avg it, if it pulls back...Probably best to wait for the next report, and then see about more?

      FUR is also an interesting one I 'found'...pays a good dividend (payout ration less that 100%, unlike other REITS), good foreward p/e ... debt/equity ration is ok...just another stock selling near it's lows...and has disappointed prev. investors, as it bled, I have a tad of that one. (like planting seeds in a garden...then wait)...and maybe SPPR, if it can get below 1.60...also will wait on the next report...June?

      Primarily tho, I'm into preferred stocks...RASPRB / RASPRC /...paying around 9.6% or so...good cash flows...That's where I put quite a bit of the money I made on the REIT run-up over the last 2 years. Now going for some easy yields. (and dodging dilutions)

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