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  • warnbeeb warnbeeb Feb 27, 2004 9:42 AM Flag

    Hey Taxmansteele

    I own about 30 stocks and mutuals. I've only owned two of them for at least 10 years. Citigroup and Phillip Morris aka Altria. I couldnt possibly imagine holding a tiny little co. like AMSWA for this long unless it had been doing great (in which case it wouldnt be a small cap stock anymore) or I worked for the co. and I had to own it. Why would you hold a stock you so obviously loath for this long. Are you an idiot? Are you in prison with no access to a broker? Are you Stephen Hawking and can't use you breathing straw to get your online broker to sell? Or are you just pissing in the wind? Sheeeesh, you sound like an absolute asshole.

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    • Betha OT: is your name from Bertha's Mussels in Fell's Point, Baltimore?

    • Lighten up. I must own over 50 stocks and mutual funds and I have several that I have held for over 10 years. Some I have made over 900% on, but they floundered last year. But why sell a known quantity when it takes so much work to find a replacement position. I suspect this guy thinks its worth a lot more and is frustrated with how they handle (or dont handle) their stock. I am frustrated with them too. I always get the feeling that people who put others down on the stock boards are the types who would not have the nerve to say anything if face to face. Maybe it props up a weak ego. Post something positive or not at all. WARM

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      • Thanks for your comments; your business background gives credence to your message; you hit my situation exactly when you stated "But why sell a known quantity when it takes so much work to find a replacement position." That also involves time I do not have and risk, of course. I have a 59,500 share investment in AMSWA. I also own about 20 large cap stocks, none with the "potential" appreciation that AMSWA should have. I do not think this company is going to go belly-up, but I do feel that with different top management, the stock price would now be much higher. I do plan on getting out of this stock entirely, but not at these prices. The history of AMSWA and LGTY has been that every 3 or 4 years or so, some new scheme is concocted to raise the stock price to unreasonable levels, not supported by the company's history of pitiful growth. This happened 3+ years ago when AMQUEST was the "carrot" and the stock price went to $24. My stupidity was not selling then. Mr. Edenfield was selling his stock as fast as he could. The "" implosion happened shortly thereafter. I have personally talked (or e-mailed) with several stock analysts over the years who have said that the reason they quit following AMSWA was the Edenfields. One of the analysts (at the same time he was pushing the stock) related to me that the biggest negative of AMSWA was top management. The Edenfields have burned a lot of bridges with a lot of analysts. I have enough history with them to be wary of their motives. I hope I am 100% wrong about them. Meantime, maybe the next "scheme" is soon. And by the way, nothing that I, or anyone else, says good or bad about AMSWA on this board will have one iota of influence on the price of this stock.

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