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  • greatdayforinvestments greatdayforinvestments Mar 16, 2013 2:16 PM Flag

    David Fitzpatrick "I am excited about what we’re looking at"

    Roger Serin - TD Securities
    Following up on your answer to your home renovation. So timeline from where we are today, are you expecting zero to six months, six to 12 months or longer than 12 months to move this a little bit more concretely forward?
    David Fitzpatrick
    Yes, I would have loved to have said we’d be in the house already a month ago to give you again a direct answer. And then obviously on the go-forward, I unfortunately can’t be any clear than to say it will certainly not be this week. So we’ll be back to you as quick as we can. I cannot wait till I am being able to be a little bit more specific, because I am excited about what we’re looking at

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    • i am excited too

    • Looking forward to seeing his comment materialize!

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    • So what does renovating the house have anything to do with changing the covenant's that"EXPIRE" in October,except to clear the way to take on more debt for this home renovation! Have we all been had in that this never was a sell in the first place. I personally have been in a few resource rich, cash poor debt loaded stock's with management hinting sell and hanging on to bleed shareholder's dry. Avoid these valid question's and either your a paid pumper or just not to bright.

    • Interesting quote thks

    • 1st question that brought up the home renovatgion analogy:

      Gordon Douthat - Wells Fargo
      Good morning everybody. My first question is on the strategic asset review process. Could you just – any color you can give us there on the remaining steps, and then what options you’re looking at as far as the balance sheet goes and how those two might be related?
      David Fitzpatrick
      Thank you, Gordon. It’s Dave here. I’ll comment on the strategic review process and provide some additional color on that by all means and then I’ll invite Shane to comment on any potential balance sheet implications of that.
      It strikes me that a strategic review process such that Lone Pine has embarked upon is similar to my last home renovation in fact, where it takes a series of finding the right contractors, maybe an improper analogy but applied anyways, finding the right contractor, picking all your materials and then final negotiations in terms of getting the project done on time, on budget. And I am pleased to say that we are well advanced in that so called renovation. Based on my experience, so from my home may take a little longer than my wife and I would have loved to have seen. And so in a roundabout way Gordon, I’m trying to suggest to you that this is my highest priority. This is number one, two and three on my top three list.

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