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  • w_nameus w_nameus Mar 7, 2011 12:16 PM Flag

    buy at the end of trading

    Shorts are selling and will buy back at the last hour today making a huge profit. Good earnings will take the stock up to 5.00 or more 3/8/11. All those who buy at the lows today will profit. If you are long and selling at these lows it's your lost.

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    • Add a little more during the day, we will see what comes out tomorrow.

    • Moron short posers are likely not smoking dope....yet..

      However they are hysterical and evidenced by the idiotic postings and crude zttempts to spread fear among small investors..

      How would you feel holding ~1.4 million share short position OVERNIGHT ...into what is likely a stellar earnings release tomorrow..?

      No.....but the dope smoking could start for them tomorrow AFTER the earnings release and conference try to calm their already frayed nerves...and dull their remaining senses..

      1.4 million shares X $1 a share jump...even they can do that math...

      Better cover noW...or call you connect for a bag..if you have any $$ to pay for it with...~:))

      Gooooooooooooo Cnit...!!!

    • Very good plan.....these bums must have ~1.4 million shares that they have already shorted out....THEY are actually the ones panicked here...that's why the flurry of moron comments about earnings misses etc..

      We are watching carefully the short trades by volume available after the close today...if they have not covered by the close they are engaging in naked shorting again..and that IS reportable..

      We're very, very excited about Cnit's earnings prospects...and plan to incrementally buy shares every time they hit it lower...

      Gooooooooooooooooo Cnit..!!!

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