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  • dumpster900 dumpster900 Jul 13, 2011 3:54 PM Flag

    Is Motley Fool Correct?

    "Betting that at 3.5 times earnings, China Information Technology really is as cheap as it looks, and not just another Chinese small-cap scam"

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    • it's all wrong-every chinese company that was doing business, making money, in industries that were growing faster than many others...but because of total internet nonsense, the price shares got decimated for absolutely NO reason-and serious investors lost a lot of money- sickening really. One (or more) ridiculous press release by so called researchers does these companies in? i never imagined the stock market would be nothing more than a casino and turn excellent investments into garbage-translating into lots of people losing lots of money

    • lol lambs follow obama to the poor house and blame day you will learn its been ongoing since nixon.just be a lil fish in a big pond and eat only when u have to.cause its not gonna CHANGE lol.CHANGE....CHANGE.....CHANGE....get what im saying CHANGE.....CHANGE=BS LIED TO.NO NEW TAXXES...READ MY LIPS=BS LIED TO....DOING AWAY WITH THE GOLD STANDARD=NIXON=BS LIED TO..

    • Dumb as a rock LIB. Oh yes, that's goping tow rok. Blame GWBush for the $7 trillion that LIBs have pushed us further into the hole since they took over in '07! God, the brainwashed dummies that line up for this bunch.

      Obama and the Dims OWN this economy. Stop being an infant and blaming someone who, for 8 years, was vilified for "spending too much". And your answer is do more of the same, only MUCH, MUCH MORE and still blame Bush!

      Not going to work here, zombie-LIB.

    • The Obama administration had to borrow whatever it had to so far pay for The Bush Legancy of taking care of the rich including making themselve and all the other oil men rich and Billionaires..George had to borrow 700 billion just to get out of the door. Common denominator for Rebublicans seems to be a short convenient memory

    • You all love that word sheep. Funny, but I don't recall telling anyone here what I think about the current deficit spending, or anything else. I simply have been pointing out facts. You may not like them but what I have said are facts. It is you all who seem to think you know what is in my head, but I hate to tell you, you do not. For one thing, I agree that the MSM is overly liberal, but the alternative is just as bad in the other direction. It is up to the individual to find the truth. Also, you say Obama has raised the debt to "historic proportions" compared to Bush. I say, ALL presidents/congresses from Reagan on have raised it to "historic proportions."

      The sad thing is the virulence that I see every day, and you three here are paragons of that. You are so angry that you can't be civil to someone you don't know, and attack me personally. This is just one reason I left the military--I would die for my country, but right now there are just too many people here that aren't worth dying for. Not to mention how horrible the govt treats veterans after they come home, and I hold BOTH parties to blame.

      In sum, and my final words here, is that the fear of the Founding Fathers, that factionalism is one of the greatest dangers, has come true. Political parties care only for themselves, and that comes at the expense of us all.

    • Once again, a very uncivil post from kyboz. And once again you put words in my mouth that I never said. Did I say my service makes me have a better view? Of course, you aren't too bright, so I can't fault you with not understanding. Just like you can't figure out what my name is.

    • That's the best you can do? What a simpleton answer. Did you bother to look inside the numbers, and ask why 2010-2011 is that high?

      Answer: Keynes. Of course, I'm sure you don't ascribe to that economic philosophy, do you? Business and the private sector were not spending money, and that is what our economy depends on. So, what would you have done to get our economy going? I bet you'd say nothing, and magically we'd all be fine. Sure.

    • dude lots of people were in army.does not make you have a better view than anyone else.i know we didnt have a shop in shanghi untill BILL clinton passed a bill to open the door.if you want to blame its easy.but looking at bush or obama shows you have no clue.things dont get bad over night and things started going down hill closing the stock market is a joke,bankers,and sheep like daveout.have you ever looked at the history of the stock market in terms of volume since it started?check it out it will blow your mind when you see the big c\ant keep printing money and think everything is gonna be alright.

    • in case you havent figured it out DAVEOUT likes to rip and his info is off.i love guys that act like they know everything big turn on pffftttt.

    • Federal Spending.

      2002 $2 Tril
      2003 $2.1
      2004 $2.3
      2005 $2.5
      2006 $2.7
      2007 $2.8
      2008 $2.9
      2009 $3.1
      2010 Obama $3.9
      2011 Obama $3.9

      Total Federal Debt:

      When Bush took over $5 tril. When he left $10. Now, pushing $15, just 2 1/2 years into the Obama abomination.

      Um, it doesn';t take a genius to figure out that whatever bad you think Bush did, Obama has trumped by a wide margin....not to mention keeping Bush's war plan in place while adding another war or two.

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