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  • rlampost rlampost Apr 25, 2012 10:55 PM Flag

    Sitting on the couch playing with myself

    Thinking that is,, that I bought a Mac... 1500k just because I hated getting all the bugs that I did with MSFT and a PC that I could have gotten for 1/3 the price. So basically I paid 3x more for a computer just so it would run properly. We all saw what AAPL did today and I know its "new tech" iphones and such...but if I could have bought a PC with an open source platform and less bugs for less $'s I would have in a heartbeat. My question to the board is that essentially, that ever ever ever going to F'ing happen and is this the company that will do it because Apples the new Coke and Droid is the new Pepsi and Mr. softy could say bye bye to all of it if there were an alternative. Call me old school I have a laptop. Mac whatever haven't had an issue with it in almost 2 years. Not a techie and don't really care.

    Basically will we ever see a non-microsoft operating system for desktop PC's is my question. thanks in advance and don't tell me to scroll back the board.

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