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  • ilovelinux Sep 13, 2012 6:25 PM Flag

    Why pay expensive Red Hat support services?

    Indeed, why pay expensive Red Hat support services if a successful company can deploy CentOS for free (as free as in free beer) and provide its own IT support?

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    • Well, let's see. The following are available from Red Hat to enhance whatever product/environment you are dealing with as a software user...

      Cloud computing

      Red Hat delivers the infrastructure needed for reliable, interoperable, agile, and cost-effective cloud computing.


      An open hybrid cloud-management framework that offers the flexibility and agility your business needs with the control and governance IT needs.

      Extended Lifecycle Support Add-On

      The Red Hat Enterprise Linux® Extended Lifecycle Support (ELS) Add-On extends the production 3 phase of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 and 4 lifecycle by 3 more years, providing a total life span of 10 years.

      Extended Update Support Add-On

      Red Hat's Extended Update Support Add-On for Red Hat Enterprise Linux offers a lifecycle option for customers by extending the support interval for support pack releases.

      High Availability Add-On

      The Red Hat Enterprise Linux High Availability Add-On provides on-demand failover to make applications highly available.

      High Performance Network Add-On

      The Red Hat Enterprise Linux High-Performance Network Add-On delivers remote direct memory access (RDMA) over Converged Ethernet (RoCE).

      JBoss Developer Studio

      Everything you need to develop, test, and deploy rich web applications, enterprise applications, and service-oriented architecture (SOA) services.

      JBoss Enterprise Application Platform

      Market-leading open source platform for next-generation, highly transactional enterprise Java™ applications.

      JBoss Enterprise BRMS Platform

      An open source business rules management system that enables easy business policy and rules development, access, review/audit, and change management.

      JBoss Enterprise Data Services Platform

      Turn the data you have into the information you need.

      JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform

      A faster, easier, more affordable way to build and manage your company's dynamic website.

      JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform

      The flexible, standards-based next-generation platform for integrating applications, SOA services, handling business events, and for automating business processes.

      JBoss Enterprise Web Server

      The only enterprise-class web server solution you need for large-scale websites and lightweight web applications.

      JBoss Operations Network

      Simplifies the discovery, development, testing, provisioning, deployment, and monitoring of your application lifecycle.

      JBoss Web Framework Kit

      All-in-one solution combining enterprise-ready versions of the popular open source frameworks that streamline developer and operational productivity.

      Load Balancer Add-On

      The Load Balancer Add-On for Red Hat Enterprise Linux provides support for TCP load balancing independent of applications.

      PaaS: OpenShift

      An auto-scaling Platform-as-a-Service for applications.

      Red Hat Certificate System

      A powerful security framework to manage user identities and ensure communication privacy.

      Red Hat Cloud products

      Broad portfolio of enterprise-class products that provide everything you need to build an open cloud.

      Red Hat Directory Server

      An LDAP-compliant server that centralizes user identity and application information.

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop

      The robust, secure Red Hat Enterprise Linux foundation that administrators want. The leading applications and features from the open source community that end users want.

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM POWER

      The advanced features in IBM Power Systems plus the consistency and flexibility of the market-leading Linux operating platform.

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux for IBM System z

      Bring Linux applications to the mainframe and deliver efficient management for your Linux workloads.

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux for SAP Business Applications

      Includes the infrastructure software stack you need for the best possible operation of SAP applications. Plus enterprise-class service and support.

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Scientific Computing

      A robust platform for the scientific user.

      Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server

      With support for all major hardware platforms and thousands of commercial and custom applications, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server is the new standard for enterprise datacenter.

      Red Hat Enterprise MRG Grid

      High-performance and high-throughput grid computing.

      Red Hat Enterprise MRG Messaging

      High-performance, reliable, open AMQP messaging.

      Red Hat Enterprise MRG Realtime

      High-performance, deterministic, low-latency computing.

      Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Desktops

      Efficiently deliver Microsoft Windows and Linux desktop operating environments to thousands of users from centrally managed servers in the datacenter.

      Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization for Servers

      Virtualize your entire datacenter and significantly boost your capital and operational efficiency with our end-to-end server virtualization solution.

      Red Hat JBoss Data Grid

      Managable, highly available, distributed key/value store that provides relational caching, elastic scaling, and in-memory performance for compute-intensive and easily scalable workloads.

      Red Hat Network Satellite

      Manage many servers as easily as one. Red Hat Network Satellite is an easy-to-use systems management platform for your growing Linux infrastructure.

      Red Hat Storage Server

      Scalable, flexible enterprise storage solution.

      Red Hat Storage Server for Hybrid Cloud

      Scale-out network-attached storage (NAS) and object storage for hybrid cloud environments.

      Red Hat Storage Server for On-premise

      Software solution for scale-out NAS and object storage.

      Red Hat Storage Server for Public Cloud

      POSIX-compatible, highly available, scale-out NAS and object storage solution for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) public cloud infrastructure.

      Resilient Storage Add-On

      Provides numerous file system capabilities for improving resiliency to system failure.

      Scalable File System Add-On

      Uses the XFS® file system to provide support for file systems that are between 16TB and 100TB in size.

      Smart Management Add-On

      Easily manage all of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems in one place.

      So seriously, mainframe, server, middleware, cloud, storage, security, and support, are all available from one source. RED HAT! So as a customer, what would you do? Buy these services from multiple vendors or buy them from one vendor who happens to be the leader in this field? BTW, there is no free beer or free lunch.

    • First Merkey and then you, probably also Merkey, how nice.

      Have they finaly closed down scox forum?

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