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  • holywallst holywallst Apr 21, 2011 5:34 PM Flag

    I am SHORTING at $56.50. ALL IN SHORT

    Lets see what happens on Monday

    I shorted a zillion shares at 56.50 it seems to me after hours now

    What a rush...Anybody else shorting after hours?????????????

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    • You have to be one of the worst and most broke shorters Ive ever come across.

      Seems like everytime you say you short, its actually time to buy.

      You must be some punk kid with a lot of monopoly money.


    • Not yet. I'm still trying to figure out the "Non-GAAP" numbers, which for all these companies should just be reported with an "i" after them (square root of -1, or imaginary number), as in

      PLCM Non-Gaap earnings were $.48i...anal-ysts who tried to estimate this quarter must have had 3 CRAY supercomputers handy...or else they simply low ball to make sure that they still have jobs.

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      • My short is hurting so bad...oh my god what do I do now??? can anyone make this go lower?

        oh the pain is so unbearable. Why did I short this at 56.50? somebody should have told me to BUY it instead

        Should I short more here or what? if this takes off to $60s and doesnt fall back, I will lose so much. its no like I have a 2nd broker where I am actually long this stock and making as much money if this goes up (wink wink). Oh the pain of being short, I hope this does not shoot up all the way to the sky tomorrow, I will lose my house my car my everything. Pleas help

        Dont rally oh please dont...have mercy on a short.

    • Big mistake you're making. This stock will not see $56 again. Monday's close might be between $58 and $60.

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