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  • Novalis_97 Novalis_97 Apr 20, 2000 12:47 PM Flag

    bought more at $70 1/2, worth $142


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    • from tveyes com

      CNBC 4/20/00 -
      1:23:22 PM .....The
      company, a leading maker of
      multimedia and
      broadband equipment, said it earned
      cents a share in the first quarter, versus 18

      cents a share in the year ago period, that's
      cents ahead of wall street estimates.
      Revenue was
      up 63% to $67.3 Million. Net
      income up 27% to
      $9.8 Million. Here to tell
      us more about today's
      numbers and the road
      ahead is polycom 's ceo, robert
      hagerty, in
      san jose, california this afternoon.
      >> Thank
      you very much. Bill: Let me ask you
      the stock price. I know ceos hate to do that

      but you are down sharply in the last month or
      and i wonder if you were one of the
      companies that people started to
      sell sfaering -- you
      are making money, you
      are a profitable company?
      >> We are happy about the revenue growth
      and the
      profit growth. And you know, in terms of the stock
      price, we are
      up for the year and certainly year
      over year it has been quite substantial.
      Bill: But
      you made acquisitions in the past and i wonder if it
      put as crimp
      on the ability to do so when the
      currency you use to make the acquisitions
      goes down.
      >> I don't think so. In if i can particular the area
      we did invest
      this this time is is the dsl space
      and particularly we're in the integrated
      device .....

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      • from same website, its good (they asked my csco
        question) Hint its not al gore rits its algorithims -
        computers aren't perfect.

        CNBC 4/20/00 - 1:25:19
        .....substantially particularly in the dsl
        nice growth year over year but early days in

        terms of the dsl space because we are
        moving to the
        integrated access device to do
        voice-and-data over the
        same pipe and that
        is new and we see deployment
        happening in
        the second half on that. In the video
        very, very good for us, a 49% market share

        now and in the voice conferencing face,
        nice polycom sound station triange
        phones, 85%
        share. And that space
        continued to grow, 33% when
        you look at it
        year over year. Bill: E-mail from
        wondering if go wireless, one from california

        wondering if you develop devices for high
        personal digital systems and things
        like that.
        >> Answer the wireless, wire is also certain.
        >>Ly a component
        in the future for the delivery of
        the broadband but also for the of the
        there are wires, particularly in the speakerphones
        people don't
        like and i think that blue tooth and
        technology area very interesting for the
        future and
        areas where we are watching carefully. Probably and
        area we
        are partner for technology opposed to
        develop within. Bill: And any
        information on new
        products coming from your relationship last fall with

        cisco systems. >> In the cisco casix it is a
        twofold around arrangement. In
        one part work week
        them to build acue still -- acue stick clarity

        technology, the same al gore rits that make the ability to
        speak over each
        other. The second part of that is
        we will be working with their protocols to
        a sound station that works .....

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