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  • r_sundu r_sundu Oct 4, 2011 8:43 AM Flag

    Wow, chill~ So many lies!

    Just to clear the misunderstanding - she never said anything about the Europe deal falling apart or delayed.
    As I noted she kept coming back to the Canada deal, by year end (multiple times) and her tone suggested,IMO that things were really moving quickly on that front.
    She did suggest that they would try to wrap up both the deals if they can by years end, but did not elaborate much on the European front (I assumed she either did not have much details or things weren't moving as quickly )

    IMO that would mean the Canada deal is coming along nicely

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    • There is a lot of clamoring about nothing to the co matters. Paula is under strict orders not to say too much about anything by Ed. I know that much for sure. All the co is going to say is by the end of the second half case closed. All they will say about EU is they are talking to potential partners. Anything else interjected is speculations and opinions. That's ok but one should say, that is my take or IMO, not as a fact of a conversation.

      My take on the trading by the shorts is well known to the shorts manipulations. There is no reason what so sever this should have been taken down so hard here. The co is on track, nothing has changed with the co at all. This is merely a mkt play by the shorts to take out investors and to cover the short. Has nothing to do with the co just the stock. Of course this sux for sure. Of course no one likes this at all. The facts speak for themselves. This is a pure short play not only here but many others as well.

      Many are losing, those that have sold or are forced to sell. Long money is out of the mkt for the most part. A mkt squeeze is due. A bounce is definitely due. This is what happens when the big short money can take out any cos value they choose to do. We can go on all day about this and how disgusting it really is. One thing is for sure, the co is continuing with the business at hand and there is no bad news forecasted.

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