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  • fatty1292000 fatty1292000 Feb 12, 2013 9:14 PM Flag

    Healthy pull backs are normal and necessary ...

    this stock is definitely up to something , some may say it was simply shorts covering but i just dont think so as the short position is still very large. the volume has been trading pretty steady at double average volume. 3.40 was an obvious resistance area that it failed to break through recently but i wouldnt count apri out just yet. i have seen it countless times a stock climbs then violent pullbacks shaking out shares followed by a large gap up leaving those who got stopped out scratching their heads. this fatman like i said dumped just a very very very small portion of my shares at 3.37 but still like my odds in the near medium and longer term. think about it if its been four months without much news then statistically we should be very close to something. lets hope its enough to send this north for a few days and weeks ahead. to me more then any news regarding vitaros femprox nexact mycova etc.... would be the announcement of a new ceo who is a recognized reputable character in the pharmaceutical industry. that would be a huge boost of confidence as someone who has alot to lose if this didnt pan out (ones reputation).things take longer to come around then we often hope but like one of my fellow apricots mentioned earlier, when news hits the real stuff whos gonna be in and whos gonna be chasing. ill be here with my small crew.

    best of luck sincerely fatman and crew.......... long live apricots.

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