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  • bobgolfer70 bobgolfer70 Jul 18, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    Abbott Email

    Finally heard from Abbott, a Rep. Named Scott. Actually rec'd 3 emails from him so far. No earth shattering news because the launch date is Confidential. He made it a point to mention that there is no problem with Vitaros. They must be aware of the statements about V causing burning and cancer. Asked him if he knew what sort of advertising Abbott will do to promote V, but just sent that question to him. Thank You Scott .

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    • Hey BobbyG...I think it's very cool that you contacted an Abbott rep. I know that some people on this board have CLAIMED to do so, but many of them have proven themselves to be chronic fibbers. You, on the other hand, probably couldn't fib if I paid you to do so. So I've got a couple of questions for you, if you have time.

      First question: When the Abbott rep said that the launch date was confidential, did you get the impression that he KNEW the date, but couldn't tell you, OR that he was simply told that it was confidential and they wouldn't tell him?

      Second question: Did the rep actually use the word Vitaros in his communication? As opposed to "the drug you are referring to" ? If so, you should make hard copy. You may have the only document where someone from Abbott has mentioned the product in print. Seriously...could be "worth something" someday.

      You don't have to respond if you're busy, but I'm really curious.

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      • Bic, just got home from the golf course, worked today. Scott emailed me back and said the info was confidential . I sent him another msg and he said he couldn't divulge the info as it's confidential. He infact said Vitaros had no issues. I asked him about how they were going to advertise Vitaros but that question has not been answered. I'll let you know if I get a reply. It took 4 emails before I received any response, tried to were em down. Hard to tell by an email or two if this guy knows anything about the launch, but he was aware of Vitaros, for sure.

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    • mild to moderate burning,,,but wait,,, some in the placebo group had SAME side-effects,,,ooopppss

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      • I am absolutely positive that abt knows everything there is to kow about vitaros 100%. They would not have purchased it otherwise. That is a given. I believe that abt may have a little money crunch is all and have not completely lined up all that is needed for the launch. It is not all that simple to launch a new drug for what ever use. Addvertising, reps, media and production must be alined correctly to make the launch successful. They just can't toss it out the window and say here you are enjoy. It has to be marketed correctly. I would also have to say that with the time passed from them acquiring this from apri as an investment they would want to get a return asap. I don't see a problem here, it has been approved in Canada and they have it to sell. They will be no doubt testing the market prior to a launch and that may be underway right now prior to a launch. Read the SA article of late the co has many, many things in the works as explained. This being beaten down is a joke and should be trading over 5.00 minimum at this time.

      • G, think those guys were given Vicks by mistake, ouch!

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