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  • atlantathrashers atlantathrashers Jun 26, 2003 11:47 AM Flag

    The other night...........

    while watching a program on "E" entertainment, they were doing a segment on the spring breaks these college kids take every year to Florida. They hired a motor home driver to take them to the Florida Keys and the motor home was a Featherlite. Wow was that thing laid out. The specifically mentioned Featherkite at least 3 times. Of course the beautiful college girls that were shown in bed waren't bad either.

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    • The Featherlite fix was to have a large fire engine follow their NASCAR trailer to every event. Seems like a good cure to me!

    • You obviously missed my reference to the term "cooked books". Read it and weep! If you had a hand in them then I am sure they are falsified, just like the financials.

    • Gee, I thought you knew everything! At least I got you to admit you don't. Now I just have to work on your confession that you don't know ANYTHING!

    • Of course you can't prove there were 12 coach trailers... because there weren't! What you have mistaken for 12 coach trailers was actually 3. The average re-work on a FTHR trailer is 4 (correcting the mistakes during the manufacturing process and re-building the trailer according to specifications that were left out the first time around).

      The 4 re-works on each of the 3 coach trailers makes it feel and look like 12 were built. LOL!

      Hey! You never explained how the FIRE started in the FTHR NASCAR Registration trailer. How's that re-work coming??? Has NASCAR been told what THEY should be told about that trailer?

    • oh yeah-hey JACKASS, short of showing you the books, there have been 12, TWELVE! coach trailers (4950,4951) built in the last 3 months. what part of that you dont understand is (obvious) and beyond me!
      ALERT! BRILLIANT response to follow I'm sure!
      short of sending you the books, i cant prove it, but i had a hand in everyone of them.

    • hey jackass! i told you i know nothing about what goes on in fla so as far as the actual coaches go I DONT KNOW!
      ALERT! i knew it wouldnt be long!

    • Ah, STILL trying to run the 'ol stock price up artificially huh? Too bad it's headed in the WRONG direction.
      It's great to hear from you again CON. You always have NOTHING bad to say about your company, even when ALL the evidence states otherwise. Is it true that you are in line to be the next information minister to iraq? You have GOT to be the only person on this earth that can tell more lies and still keep a straight face. You are THE master and I bow to your greatness. However, you are still a slimeball, lowlife, penny-anti thief who steals from anyone he can get his hands on.

    • CAN YOU SAY FREE USE! If that impressed you the way you say you must be in a mental institution!

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      • Of course it was free. Does anyone in their right mind believe college kids could RENT a coach let alone BUY one? Come on people, get it together. Who in their right mind would allow college kids on spring break to use a coach... UNSUPERVISED?! (Then again, few of us in the corporate office attended college so it could be possible).

        The point? The point is, we in the corporate office of Featherlite are working very hard to demonstrate that we are capable of making sound business decisions. By marketing our products to the economic segment that best represents that market. Our extensive market research has shown that luxury coaches and college kids go together. They are as natural as President Bush (past and present) and war.

        We at Featherkite... I mean Featherlite have a keen understanding of college kids. We, unlike other companies, understand and recognize that college kids are walking around campus with hundreds of thousands of dollars in their pockets looking for a specialty vehicle to purchase. We believe our Vantare fills this void. Our latest Ad Campaign is intent on tapping those unspent dollars. It goes something like this:
        The setting is a mediocre junior college (we deciced to use the one Eric flunked out). A group of college kids are sitting in a circle with music in the background and passing around a Vantare broucher. A promiscuous looking young lady (she has most of her teeth) takes the brochure, inhales deeply, slowly tilts her head back, and while lazily exhaling softly mutters, "Wwwooowww mmmaaannn..." The camera pulls back exsposing the dorm room window and the voice over with graphics introduces the tag line, "DAMN THE DORMS AND PASS THE VANTARE".
        This commercial will be running on the cable show "E!" in the near future.

        I suggest you people run out and get your Vantare before they're all gone. And while you're buying that coach pich a few thousand shares of stock.

    • <<The specifically mentioned Featherkite...>>

      Oops! Sorry everyone. I didn't mean to give away my real name. I meant to say Feather"lite" not "Kite". My last name is Kite and I work for the company. (I'm the LARGE one next to Eric in the picture in the press release about Honeywell).

      Which reminds me... Folks around the office like to refer to us as Dumb & Dumber. Anyway, like I was saying, before I got side tracked, and I don't want to lose my train of thought... Speaking of trains, has anyone seen the real nice train we have in Cresco?

      Back to what I'm trying to say. What was I trying to say??? (I remember once when I was at the doctors office and I said to him, "I can't have ADD I... Wow! did you see that plane???")

      What are we talking about? Now I remember... Buy stock in Featherlite. Or buy stock in Featherkite. Makes no difference to me, JUST BUY! Why? Because.

      Take it from me, as an employee of Featherkite... I mean Featherlite, it's really, really, really good. Umm Umm good!

      (Eric, let me know if you want me to post this on the message board.)

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      • This place is out of control,the vp of sales is boinking the single one in design. When the service personell had the same thing going the female party was terminated. Not in this case they just transfered the department out from under his control.It's funny that service was under his control when the other female party was terminated. Talk about double standards.

      • YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!! I wouldn't buy stock in this company if I were naked freezing in a blizzard, and needed the stock certificates for warmth! I also work for Vantare, and tomm(Fri) is the mandatory week off without pay for all the hardworking people on the floor. I was told there is going to be another layoff tomm. and we were going to lose about 10 more people. This company is suffering from gross mismanagement, and too many hands in the honeypot. I bet you all didn't know that when the first layoff occured(this year, about 1 month ago), in the same month, Conrad allowed his right hand at Vantare(Jim Wooley) to give himself a raise from $127K per year to over $200K!!! This in the same quarter we showed an almost million dollar loss in just that quarter. I would like to refer to Featherlite as "Baby Emron". I personally will be looking for a new job on my gracious week off, as are about 1/3 of the floor staff. If anyone is considering buying into this stock(FTHR) I would consider an option, as I know that in the next 2 quarter reports, we will also be showing a loss. I will report back later, with news from the warfront, and the suspected new layoff. BTW, isn't it illegal(WARN) for a Corp. with more than 50 employees to do ANY layoffs without a 60 day notice to the said employees. I believe this is the law(a Federal one at that)and the last batch to be let go had a 2 minute meeting in the breakroom(their only warning), while the rest of us were gathered like cattle, because of the suspected retaliations of the freshly laid-off employees. I will look into this, if anyone knows what the law actually states, let us know, I doubt Featherlite really cares, but some attornies may like to do a multiple action suit if we have a case.